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Status.At Homee Chillenq anyone wanna chat?
About me.Too Pretty Lol Love Making New Friends!
Fan art.
become a singer/actress
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please don't mess with the wording above, it might screw it up.

afraid to be different// scared to fit in.
I got my background at I got my background at I got my background at

Quotes by NiaTooKutee

I Think I Finally Found The One!!! XD
It Takes A minute to crush on someone! An Hour To Like Someone! A Day To Love SOmeone... But It takes A LifeTime To Forget Someone! :) 
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I Need A Friend To Talk To!! Comment Plz!
Wen Yuh Left I Sedd F*ck It Wateva! Nd Nw look yur runnin bacc alreadii!
Im Tiredd Of Boys Who Are Just Straight Up Retarted, Aren't There Any Boys Who R Just Willin To Be My Type Of Guy

1. Funny
2. Great In Bed

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It's not my Fault Every One Of Your BoyFriends Stay Runnin Back To Me! 
My Pinky's for my pink promise me and my bestie share
My Ring finger is for that special someone someday
My Middle finger is to show all dem haters that they don't fase me
My Pointer is to point out my closest family members
And my Thumb is to show everyone I'm okay!
Reason why not to lose your pen!

No Pen = No Class Notes
No Class Notes = Failing Grade
Failing Grade = No Pass
No Pass = No job
No Job = no money
no money = no food
no food = get skinny
get skinny = turn ugly
turn ugly = no marriage
no marriage = get depressed
get depressed = have body problems
have body problems = later on die

See That's Why You Shouldn't Lose Your Pen
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