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become a singer/actress
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afraid to be different// scared to fit in.
I got my background at I got my background at I got my background at

Quotes by NiaTooKutee

The Best Freaks Comee Out At Night!
when i was 5 years old my mom always told me that happiness was  the key to life, When i went to school they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up i wrote down "happy"  They told me i didn't understand the assignment and i told them they didn't understand life!
Remember my name you'll be screaming it later! 
Got A Problem? Solve it!
Think I'm Tripping? Tie My shoes
Can't Stand Me? Sit Back down
Can't face Me? Turn Around!
says you're cute... he's looking at your smile.
If a guy says you're HOT he's looking at your body.
If a guy says you're pretty... he's looking at your face.
If a guy says you're Beautiful... he's looking at your Heart
I Promise.... Someday You'll Regret Losin Me!..... ND You'll Think Bacc Nd Say! 
Dam Dat Gurl Really Did Luv Me!
when someone calls me a B*tch i jhuss say 
A B*tch is a female dog
A female dog barks
and barks are made from trees
Trees come frum nature
And Nature Is Beautiful 
So Thnx For the compliment!
Floww Tighter Den A D*ck In Duh Butt! 

Remix Version

 Flow Tighter Den A Kick In Duh Butt!
Not What would I Be Without You! Your Mine and I'm Yours. Our Love Is too Unbreakable!
Life Is Like Ice-Cream Enjoy it Before It Melts!
Nobody ever said life was easy…they just promised that it would be worth it.
I can’t sleep; everything I ever knew is a lie without you.
I can’t breathe when my heart is broke in two, there’s no beat without you. You are not gone, but you are not here. At least that’s the way it seems.
is tough, get a helmet.

Missing you isn’t the hardest part.
Knowing that I once had you is.


I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day


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