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idk man i just love food and one direction

Quotes by NiallHoranAteMyHeart
you're welcome.
Yolmt: " .. You only live multiple times.." -cats
plot twist: one direction are heterosexuals
Today, I discovered what it truly felt like to fake a smile
One Direction.
will you marry me?
breathe for yes,
lick your elbow for no.
that amazing moment
when you realize that
louis tomlinson's
signature outfit looks
exactly like a piece of

notebook paper
I don't believe in beating my kids. So I just make them wear a justin bieber shirt and crocs to school so the other kids will do it for me.
-Adam Sandler
Welcome to Hollister!
would you like a gasmask,
earplugs, or a flashlight?
Sorry i can't go out tonight
too bust being fat

I’m not antisocial.
Society is anti me.

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