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Don't follow your dreams until you find out where they take you.

Quotes by polaroidmgc*

if you stand in front of a dark bathroom mirror and chant ‘i love luke hemmings’ three times, ashton irwin will appear and say ‘me too’
High school was so judgy but in college you see someone riding past on a razor scooter wearing a snuggie and it’s like “that is a smart man”

real pain is when ur selfie game is weak but ur looking cute as hell 

School has taught me that I suck at everything except for sleeping and missing out on breakfast.
I’ve fallen in love with the Internet. It was love at first site.
Me driving:@pedestrians ugh get off the damn street why would you walk in front of a moving car
Me as a pedestrian:hit me dude i dare you hit me I want you to pay my tuition
You know what's easier than applying sunscreen?
Not going outside.
WiFi went down for few minutes, so I had to talk to my family.
They seem like nice people.
Behind every scar is a battle that I have lost.