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Names Madeline, I love one direction. they're simply perfect. KylahIsADirectioner is simply amazing, and my sister. I have a few accounts, besame13 being my most used. I love each one of you, even if we've never spoken. I would love to make some new friends, but I'm super socially awkward and terrible at making the first move to getting a friend. I'm super insecure, I'm so underweight I get called terrible things.. some by my good friends. I have an ugly nose and my eyes are disguesting. I have an amazing boyfriend, John, who gets me ice cream and watches Titanic with me when I'm on my period. He's just perfect. I would love to make some friends on this lovely site, so chat with me, yeah? (:

Quotes by NiallsSpecialPOTATOE

Why are some people such monsters?
My younger friend, who is in grade eight, just told me that she hyperventilated during lunch today. People found it funny to call her names and threw food at her. How many of us frown down on what society has done to these kids?
When you're trying so hard not to cry, then hearing the opening notes of Moments and find yourself curled up in a ball, no longer able to take the pain.
I wish I wasn't such an awkward potato and could make friends on witty.. I need some witty sisters and brothers. Any takers?
I NEED SOME ADVICE, PLEASE. So, my boyfriend is trying to control who I talk to, who I spend time with, and who I'm friends with. He doesn't want me talking to some of my best friends, because they're guys, and his ex cheated on him. I need some ways to help him get over these insecurities.. he's seriously an amazing guy, but this just brings both of us down, and gets us fighting. So, any advice would be lovely. If you can help me out, I'll be your bestest friend. (: