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Names Madeline, I love one direction. they're simply perfect. KylahIsADirectioner is simply amazing, and my sister. I have a few accounts, besame13 being my most used. I love each one of you, even if we've never spoken. I would love to make some new friends, but I'm super socially awkward and terrible at making the first move to getting a friend. I'm super insecure, I'm so underweight I get called terrible things.. some by my good friends. I have an ugly nose and my eyes are disguesting. I have an amazing boyfriend, John, who gets me ice cream and watches Titanic with me when I'm on my period. He's just perfect. I would love to make some friends on this lovely site, so chat with me, yeah? (:

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Anything would be awesome! I'm Madeline, Maddie, or Mada. I have brownish/blond hair, brown eyes. I'm 5'3. I love music, I like to read, and I'm in marching band, playing trombone.I'm extremely shy, but I love guy friends. My favorite color is lime green, and I am love anything one direction related. (: please concider me! I would LOVE to be a part in your story. (:
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