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                    Ah why hey there:)
            The names Alex(:
            Barb for life!
            From Essex, in England
            Horse lover!
            No Social life
            And that, is me:) 
Ah why hey there, the names Alex:)

Quotes by Nicki4Lyfe

Just curious...
How did we discover you could milk cows? o.o


When you click 'Preview Quote'
and it automatically gives you like 300 favs and your just like 'Yeah...Right...'


If only ...#1

All the power companies would

turn the power off, for like 10

minutes on the 21st of December

just to creep everyone out


Format by twilightgirl995 NMQ Fav for series

It's physically impossible, 
for me to not, sing in the shower.


We all have that one friend
  who talks like an emotionless robot online


Detention Slip.

Student: Alex

Date: 6th November 2012

Reason: Dancing to Gangnam Style on the desk, screaming 'I love Koreans' and wearing a shirt saying 'YOLO'


I dare you to..
  Try to say 'Hmm' for seven seconds while holding you nose.


Friend: Hey
Me: Hi
Friend: Whats up?
Me: Nothing
Friend: same
Me: cool
Friend: Yeah
Me: Yeah
Friend: K Bye

Anyone else hate these kind of conversations? -.-

The suckish moment
When your really comfy in your bed, and you realise your lights on.


The awkward moment


There are 14 girls on America's next top model, and 7 of them are

British :s