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Quotes by Nicklebee

It's not the     hype, fan fare, or limelight. The battle is not stepping into       the ring, but in choosing to stand up and take the blows. We       each were born already signed up for this prize fight, life.       The glory isn't in the finishing, but in the struggle to       stay in each round. It is the getting knocked down that       creates opportunities to rise again. The bleeding is not a       disgrace, just a chance to taste the value of each second.       These scars we bear are our testimony of the fight we are in,       with dignity and honor. Don't live to the last bell,       fight until your final breath.

Whatever it is you think you know about how i became this crooked soul, let me make one thing clear to you: your mind can't conjure anything near the hell i had to walk through.

You see, I am not the person i used to be. I am not just damaged anymore, I am weathered and strong. I am not lonely anymore. I am alone by choice and i like it that way.

I am not broken hearted, those pieces have grown roots and are a part of a heart that beats stronger than you would ever know. I am not the person who begged you to stay, I am the person who doesn't want, or need you back.
You can try to hold me back. Build your damn walls, pack sandbads
along the edges and yell at the clouds and the rain and the sky to stop.

But i will not relent. i will reach you. because i am the sea. and i will
continue to love you no matter what.

The tear drops run down
And fall off her nose,
She cries in dark corners,
where nobody goes,
You can follow the tracks,
from her eyes to her chin,
Years upon years
of letting them win,
And her eyes tell a story,
of angry and pain,
You think she's happy
but just look again
And the scars of her past
Hidden under her clothes
Are a roadmap to places
That nobody knows
Her smile is now painted
She's a master of disguise
And you can see it all
Just look into her eyes



   If hell truly does exist, 
   i'm willing to bet 
  satan took notes
  when he watched me
  watch you
  walk away




The cigarettes you light

one after another won't

help you forget her.

You are in my heart
the same way
the sun comes up
in the day and
all of the stars disappear,
I see nothing else
when you are here.

I’d been in such a rut. Stuck in the past. Hung up on old loves. Unable to move a single foot forward. But then you came along and all of that seemed to melt away. I didn’t feel so anxious about the future anymore. How could I? It was right there, smiling back at me.