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Quotes by Nicklebee

Listen, I'm yours. That's it. No expectations. This isn't an over the top declaration of love or an attempt to work my way into your heart. We're friends and i'm grateful for that. This is just a promise that if you ever need me, I would move the earth to be there.

"Of course I missed you. It devoured me.
But since I could not take you back, and you 
could not be replaced, I allowed myself to 
miss you, until at last the missing stopped."

This girl, just like his goddaughter and her brother and a million other kids in this country, had gotten up today and gone to school never imagining she would be in danger. She trusted all the grown-ups and teachers and principals to keep her safe. It was why these schools, post-911, had teachers wearing ID all the time and doors locked during the day - the enemy was always supposed to be an outsider, not the kid who was sitting right next to you.
I wasn't always like this. You helped me just by being yourself and I found something inside me that I thought I'd lost years ago. For that alone, I love you.

Reminds me of a heart that has been through more than it's fair share of ache. Look at the cracks and stress lines underneath it all... but yet it is still beautiful. Once you let the hurt surface, then you will start to crumble and lose your heart.... never let that happen.

Damage hardens us all. It will harden you too, when it finds you - and it will find you.

It seems i've ran out of tears. I wish to cry and no tears will flow. Grief devouring my heart one bite after the other, and none can ease. What made me lose the bless of shedding tears I wonder?
Most people prefer to think that their resentment is entirely the fault of the person they resent, and that twisted logic seems to make sense in their minds. But it makes no sense to me at all. It's like saying it's your fault if i shoot you, because the gun is aiming at you. It completely disregards who's doing the aiming. But it's a popular point of view. Probably because it's so much easier. It relieves you of a burden of any and all self-examination.
the World is full of people so troubled they don't even understand themselves. You could offer them a thousand dollars to explain their motivations, but they can't tell you what they don't know.
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