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Steve 3 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
xoeveryonesbeautifulxo 8 years ago
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Smile, you're beautiful! :)
Truly_Beautiful 9 years ago
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your Truly Beautiful :)
and dont forget it :)
gabbiecakesx 9 years ago
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hehe, awwhh no problem :D youve also made my day for me making yours :3
NicoleJanine_ 9 years ago
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you know the drill. (:
AnchorChasing 9 years ago
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WELL. good!! wanna hear a rhyme?? TO BAD your gonna!;;;

my name is Tina.
And i dontt look like a hyena!
I love fruits and smoothies!
Yea.. they taste groovy!
Your name is Nicole!
You like rock and roll!
By the artist katy perry!
And she really likes cherrys!
i think...
wasnt that amazing!
YouKnow_ThatOneTime 9 years ago
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NICOLE, nicole nicole nicole
you are so culll!
yes, oh yes i said cull and not cool,
because cull is so much cooler than cool!
IIIIIII loveyouuu!!!

the song :D
x_foreverr-me_x 9 years ago
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NICOLE! WOMAN! SEXY LADY BEAST OF MINE! SMILE DARLING! You are the most amazing person on this planet. You need to be happy. Brighten my universe. Come on you can do it. One smile. There is a hot man behind you and he's tan. OHHHH MADE YOU LOOK! You better have looked because if not i'm sending a goldfish army to eat your..uhh..knuckles. :D I wanna love you love you you already know i wanna love you love you. you already knowwwwww girl. oh mister sun; sun. mister golden sun please shine down on me. hey mister knicker-bopper bobbity-bop. I like it the wayy you bobbity-bop. I like it the wayy you bobbity-bop with your mouth!. (: I WANNA BE NICOLE'S SO FREAKING BAD! GIVE HER ALL THE THINGS SHE NEVER HAD! REMIX BIATCHES! ♥ I've got crush on.............................YOU love. Love loveeeeeeeeeee. I wanna give you some love love juice; cough..loveee. ♥ So, lets go have a party in my basement with hobos and Popsicles. OHHHH YEAH! You better be smiling. Tickle, tickle under your chin. If you love me you will grin. I love you boo!!!! ♥

-THE ONE AND ONLY;; Megan! (: