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Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm 14 and a sophomore! One Direction and Justin Bieber are my life. I play Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Basketball. Come talk to me. I love talking to new people. I'm just here to right quotes so my profile is ugly, deal with it.

Quotes by NicoleMariexo6

Do you ever think about that if you were

skinnier or funnier or prettier that you would

be in a completely different situation to what

you are today


You've never actually seen your face, just a reflection...
think about it

Things to do

1. Dig a hole

2. Name the hole love

3. Watch people fall in love


that awkward moment

when your tanlines look

like a skin bathing suit


OH, you go to church?
is that holy water in those tequila bottles?


The Hunger Games has 3 books,
23 tributes die each year in the games,
there are 12 districts.
the movie came out 3/23/12


Teacher; "please right down a famous quote that you know and who wrote it"

Me; "it does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop"- Confucious

your life is based on a

true story


1526; Is thou bretheren deeply sorrowed?

2012: are you mad


people only rain on your parade because they're jealous

of your sun and tired of their shade

not my format