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Quotes by NicoleXoXo1

Me when i'm almost home: I can almost taste the internet

i'm a walking 404 error

thank god my burning hatred for humanity keeps me warm throughout these cold winter months


Apparently there are these people who eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full.


Boys are very icky,
they make me very sicky.
All they do is cause drama,
between you and your friends,
and sometimes when they do,
your friendships have to end.
But sometimes guys are sweet, and they sweep you off your feet.
They know exactly what to wear and always have perfect hair, always know the right words to say.... thats when you realize that they are gay.
Dont let boys make you cry cause they think they are so fly, sometimes you just gotta say.... BYE BYE!

Don't promise
that you're gonna write.
Don't promise that you'll call.

Just promise that you won't  forget we had it all.

One Direction - Summer Love



I have to accept the fact that I

won't ever be someones first choice.