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This is proof, that I am as real as any of you.
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I don't know why I came back. 
Maybe I hoped witty is different. 
I don't deserve hate because I'm a guy on witty.
I make quotes because they're true.
NOT to be famous.
I have no friends either where I live,

Anyways, the name is NIGEL, I'm 15 1/2 :p, a sophomore in the shark tank called highschool.
I got a haircut ^^^
I love my stuffed animals.
I've been told I give good advice.
I recently reached out to my parents for help with my depression.

I don't know why everybody hates me so much, but maybe I do...because now I hate me too.
I don't really see the reason for trying, or for talking, or breathing. So that's it I guess, bye

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P.S. the song on my profile is Breathe Me - Sia


hey Nigel, i miss you. i know that doesn't matter.. but i do.

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Quotes by Nigel9086

Girls who;; #64
Like to kiss. 
Football games.
Orange leaves.
Warm hoodies.
Hot chocolate.
Foggy breath.
Cold nights.
Bon Fires.


Mom: you have 3 seconds to get off of the computer!
Me: i can't get anywhere in 3 seconds, you're setting me up for failure already





Girls who;; #63
Try for us guys.
You look adorable in your sweats in buns, don't get me wrong, but it means the world to us when you dress up for us.




Not talking when your upset

because if you say 1 more word
the tears will start falling.


It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Craig: Do you like music?

Noelle: Do you like breathing?



I'll chase it for forever, but never catch it.

This is real
this is me,
i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be now.

( M c F l y )

Girls who;; #62
Want to dance in the rain.
Us guys would love to lead you.



I am so sick

of being the second choice.