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5O Favs!
  Im not asking for the obvious reasons, I need all of you wittians to help me 
Im having a problem with my mom, I dont live with her and she is not the worldest most respectable woman
Long story short she is stalking me thru facebook and making all these inappropiate statuses about me
Saying stuff no mother should say about her child, she has even so far as to threaten me !
I need all your help to decide if I should fight back fire with fire, should I 
A.) File a re-straining order
B.) call the police and remove my sibilings from the home (b/c of abuse and neglectment
C.) Just have her boyfriend arrested because he is part of the reason this cam about 
D.) Ignore it all like my grandma said.. &&` let God handle everything (my dad's mom f.y.i)

I need advice by 5:3Opm Friday .


I understand how scared everyone is at the thought of loosing witty
but think about it, google is kind of telling us you can have freedom of speech in your sanctuary
but if you curse we will knock your fortresss down and none of you will have a safe haven

I don't mind trying to limit the profanity, its a good idea
but  I hate ls Google advertising staff trying to bully Steve and the rest of us 

like . .

 "Do it or else !!! "

btw this is not my format, but it is the first decent qoute I made (:


Don't you just hate it when someone calls your house, you know they are on the other end but they don't say  anything. So like a stupid person I sit there and say hello like 3 more times, then they hang up on on me. Like WTF is that seriously !?

- fav if this happens to you .
- comment if it does but you hang up .
Reading a quote on witty and then setting it as your facebook or twitter status (: