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My names Nicola, and i am inlove with an amazing guy named Toby Stirling. Babe, you are the best thing that has happened to me since, well, EVER! Please don't ever leave me because you complete me and have since 26-10-2011
I live a pretty good life.
I have an amazing boyfriend Toby Stirling 26|10.. Forever Baby !

I have amazing friends, oh and I don't mind making more. So, just click that follow button and I will return the favour


Quotes by NiicKaay

~We had our first hook up on our first date~

Fave for a follow :3

When you put your earphone in the wrong ear
A N D Y O U A R E L I K E 
"i'm such a baadasss :3"

&& he whispered
Love You" 

Annoying Moment
You think you're reading a quote
but it's a
fricken advertisement


Does anyone have
Comment your number and
you a compliment :)

I'm not saying I hate her, I
just hope she gets fingered by

I love the
sound you make
when you
shut up.

I don't hate school
I just hate
the teachers, homework,
exams and
waking up in the morning.

He asked you on a date,
you said yes,
he asked you to hold his hand,
you accepted,
he asked for a kiss goodbye,
you leaned in for one,
he said I LOVE YOU,
you froze, you smiled and you replied
"i love you too"
he promised to grow old with you,
you giggled and agreed

It's ten years later
He askes you for your hand in marriage,
you reply with a cheerful yes,
he asked you what the results are,
you said, "positive, i'm preganant"
he had never felt so happy,
you looked in his eyes, you seen a sparkle
he looks deeply into yours and says "you're beautiful"

Nine months down the track
You're in labour,
you ask him to hold your hand,
he accepts,
you ask him to kiss you,
he did and said "everything is going to be alright"
You have a gorgeous baby girl,
he starts to cry, smiles at his new daughter
you have never been so inlove

Fifty years later
he is sitting beside your bed side,
you want to feel his hand one last time,
he holds you,
he doesnt bother asking
and gives you a kiss on the forehead,
"i love you, and i will be with you forever"

You pass away in your sleep,
your spirit is still alive,
you see him grieving,
you kiss his forehead,
you thank him but he can't hear you.
you tell him you love him,
he replies, you realise he has had a heart attack,
he is sitting beside you holding you tight.
and he whispers in your ear.
"i spent a life time with a beautiful girl, i seen you go through happiness, pain an tears. i never left you. I promised we would grow old together and we did, i love you my gorgeous wife."

You both faded into thin air, looking over your gorgeous daughter, watching her succeed in life, watching her find a true love and guiding her through everything aswell, hoping for a love like yours...

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