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{Hello Person of Earth, and Welcome to my Profile}

{Things you should know about me}

Name: Cassandra 


(+) Matchbox Twenty, A Day To Remember, OneRepublic, Imaginge Dragons, Avril Lavigne, Food,

Will Ferrel, Good Scary Movies, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Making People Laugh, My

Family, My Friends, Pewdiepie, CutiePieMarzia, Cry, Music, and of course JESUS.

(-) Racists, Fakes, Boring People.


  Favorite songs ever:
Alphabetical order by Artist


A Day To Rememeber -- Have Faith In Me, If It Means A Lot To You
Bastille -- Pompeii

Capital Cities -- Safe and Sound
Goo Goo Dolls -- Come To Me, Iris
Howie Day -- Collide
Icona Pop -- Just Another Night
Matchbox Twenty -- How Far We've Come
My Chemical Romance -- The Kids From Yesterday
Of Mice & Men -- When You Can't Sleep At Night
OneRepublic -- If I Lose Myself
Pierce The Veil -- Bulletproof Love
Pierce The Veil Ft. Kellin Quinn -- King For A Day
Simple Plan -- This Song Saved My Life, Welcome To My Life
Sleeping With Sirens -- If You Can't Hang, Who Are You Now
You Me At Six -- Crash

Bands That I Love or I'm Starting To Like

Love -- 
A Day To Rememeber, Avril Lavigne,Imagine Dragons, Matchbox Twenty, OneRepublic.


Starting to Like -- Goo Goo Dools, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens.

100th Follower- ThePretender

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Quotes by Ninja918

Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for,
Ends up being the one behind the gun.


Never went to school, nobody talked to me. 
Except to tell me all the things I couldn't do


We're all pretty bizarre.
Some of us are just better
at hiding it, that's all.


If you have nothing nice to say,
 Say it anyways.
People need to hear the truth


Don't define your world
in black and white.

Because there is so much
hiding within the grey.


It's in the hardest times
that we grow the most.


From now on
I'm doing things for me.

She loves to paint 
But theres a twist 

Her canvas is her wrist 
And the paintbrush is her razor. 

"What are those scars from?" she asked
"Their battle wounds." I replied.
Then she looked at me for a long time. 
" Who were you battling?"

1. Flower - 
2. Color - Teal/ Lime Green
3. Restaurant - Red Lobster
4. Store - Target
5. Designer - IDK
6. Animal - Pitbulls
7. Drink - Gatorade

This,that either...

1. Summer or winter? Winter
2. Shoes or purses - Shoes
3. Jeans or skirts - Jeans
4. Showers or baths - Baths
5. Yoga or sports - Sports
6. Ocean or pool - Pool
7. Real tan or tanning beds - Neither
8. Eyeliner or mascara - Mascara


1. Taken or single - Single
2. Looks or personality - Personality
3. Longest relationship-  About 2 months or less

4. Crush - Yes!
5. Does he know you like him - No
6. Do you believe in soul mates - Yes
7. Do you like romantic guys - Kinda
8. Have you ever been in love - No

9. Did it work out? - No
10. Has any guy ever cheated on you - No
11. Have you ever cheated on anyone - No


1. Best friends - Camille and Gianna 
. 2. Do you tell him/her everything - Yes
3. Can you be yourself in front of your girls - YES!!