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i screwed up with my profile and i dont know how to fix it. so i'll just leave it like this until i do.

but herro, i am a ninjasaursgorawr. Waddup Brah ? how are you ? i see you have stumbled upon my Witty and i hope you like my quotes (: if you follow me i pinkie swear with cherries on top i will follow you back. i am your average teenager who has too much on her mind. i dont like talking about myself because, honestly, im still trying to figure myself out. all you need to know is that i will be here for you if you need someone to talk to.

Quotes by Ninjasaursgorawr


has been a good day. 




Nooo doonnn't textt mee :/

I’m not suppose to fall for you


I love 
kiwis ;DD
there's just so much to love about them
1.their Accent
2. they're nicer than American guys
3. their accent
4. their bodies
5. their accent
6. they way they say "no"
7. their accent
8. their accent
9. their accent
10. they're named after a fruit ! 

like come. on.  
snap crackle pop.
Is it wrong of me 

to like a guy from another country 
because of his smile ?

I love those smiles guys have 
that make you smile back and fall for them

because their smile just brightens up the room
and you cant help but feel happy too
I'm not going to change myself for you

I like myself
thank you very much.
at first i thought " did i remember following 'someone?'" then after a couple of seconds i was like "ohhhh. . ." those smart creator people. . . .
I like detox day. This is the only time i don't have to please anyone with looks.

There's this  gu know
who looks just like Eric Forman, acts like Eric Forman, and is practically ERIC FORMAN from That 70s Show.

I think I'm in
love with him.


now my weekend plans of writing witty quotes, watching That 70s Show, listening to music, and drawing a dinocorn

has been completely ruined.