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Things Get Worse Over Time
Chapter 5
We ran through the tall grass, silently. Whenever we thought we made too much noise or movement, we would stop and look back and then wait. Once we knew it was safe to get up and go, we would run more. 
Because i am in the back, Atrayu always told me that if i was ever to be in the back i was the one to make sure no one was following us. With that said, I would look back every time i would feel like someone was watching us. Which happened quit a lot.
As we run, we crouched pushing back any rough patches of grasses there was.
I would take glances at Everrett every chance i could get. He was the leader in this, and we was good at being one. It seemed like he knew what he was doing. 
We stopped to take a breath, we sat on a fallen tree trunk. Atrayu was crouches over, hands on his knees, i was standing on the tree trunk trying to see over the grass, but only enough to where i wouldn't get seen by the guards. 
The thought of my family comes into my mind, i wonder if they would be worried about me if they were still alive. They knew of the secrets me and Atrayu possessed but, they never knew about Atrayu still having his memories, or the fact that he teaches me to fight. All they knew was that we would go outside of the gates, they never disapproved of it, they insisted, actually, they wanted us to get the fresh air. To explore, bring them back new flowers or plants. Explain about the the animals travels. My younger brother, Alexander, would always love to hear about what i did that day. I would stretch the truth only because it would make it more fascinating for him. His bright smile would appear on his face every time i got home. That was the only main thing i would ever come home. I would always say that he was my son, we were so close to each other, and i always played with him as if he was my son, that i would always get rude stares from the older Patrons. But I never cared. 
I get down slowly from the trunk and sit down, i place me hands on my face. Atrayu scoots over and pats and rubs my back with sympathy. I turn my head at him, giving him a weak smile. 
Everrett stands over us, looking down with a curious look. "Why do the both of you look sad?" he asks. 
I look up at him, his green eyes have curiosity in them. I remove my gaze from his, and look at my cousin, as if asking for permission to tell him. The same look he gets when he is uncomfortable appears on his face, and that means no. 
"It is nothing, I say we should start moving again, we need to be back as the lights turn off, or the Superior will be asking questions." I say standing up. Atrayu nods in agreement. 
In a swift movement we are up and running again. We run through the foliage, we push past everything can, and jump over the fallen trees. We finally make it to the rim of the huge oak trees, i smile looking up. It is a lot darker over here, as i look behind me, Central Point is lighten up, it may look pretty, but it really isn't on the inside of those gates.
We follow Everrett,  I watch as he walks, as he leads the group. Many questions run through my mind about him. I want to ask him, but it would be considered rude if I was to. 
Because of how dark it is in the woods we don't need to run anymore, we walk catching our breath. We follow Everrett who then turns to the right, he removes a huge Elephant Ear plant, reveling a small keypad, like the ones we have all around our Territories in order to get in and out of places. He looks back at me and Atrayu who are staring with our mouths open, in astonishment. He smiles lightly, giving me a look saying "to look away it is confidential" I look away, looking at Atrayu who removes his gaze and turns around staring at the scenery. I listen to the keypad beep with noises of the keys being pressed, A bird somewhere in the trees chirp along with the beeps. A loud noise is present, i turn around back at Everrett, who is standing to the side, looking at me with a smile on his face. I follow the noise, and i find myself looking a boulder getting moved showing a passage way filled with light bulbs on the wall. Atrayu is still lost in his thoughts looking back at Central Point. I touch his shoulder, and he turns around. "Lets go, we have some things we need to find out." I say smiling at him. He smiles then looks at the passage way in amazement.
We walk towards the passage way,
"Watch your step," Everrett says placing a hand on my elbow. I look back up at him and then at his hand. "Oh, I am sorry, I don't mean to touch you in any disrespectful way." He says to me. 
It never bugged me, and sure didn't bug me when he touched me. 
"It is fine, no harm done. It never bugged me anyways" i say with a smile. He smiles back at me. we walk down the lightly lifte hall way, it is a short tunnel, but it is very steep. 
"It leads under ground," Everrett says as he takes the lead. "The first 'Roamers', as you call them, built this and our town. They needed a place to survive but stay hidden. So they built this, and after it was complete, they would go on searches for weeks to find other Roamers to see if they needed a place to live. Once they found some, they were given jobs, they were to build there own shelters, but they each were given jobs, either to find food, bring supplies, or go on searches." We walk down, as i listen carefully to what he says. "I was found when i was really young, about eight years or so." he says this and looks at me, then quickly looks away. "The person who i call my big brother found me & brought me here." He says point to two brown clothes hanging from the top of the cave, He split the two curtains in half. I look at him, Atrayu, then him again. "Well go ahead, they will be more than happy to welcome you both" he says. 
I walk in first, ducking my head from the curtains, I look up, seeing things i never once have seen. Everything was beautiful and free looking. But it was all so familiar, like i have seen once, only in a dream.
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Things Get Worse Over Time
Chapter 4
The unfamiliar face, so handsome, I wasn't even sure how to explain him. All I know is his eyes
were the only thing that really stood out on him, They shone so bright that someone could easily see them in the pitch black darkness.
He looks down at me, with a smile across his face. I turn back around, slowly
to see my cousins face, he actually looks some what terrified & a little off edge.
"Well what ever it was, it is gone now." A guard says with a hoars voice. Each guard turns there flashlights off, & the head of the group who is in all black speaks into his head phone.
But the guard in front of me is still looking in my direction. His brown ruffled hair, & his young face
with the brown eyes seem to have pain in them.
"Hey James,Please attend the group." Another guard says to him.
He shuffles in his spot then looks back at th guard, "Yes."
He goes back with his group
"Why were just staring off into space over there?" The older guard asks James.
"I thought i saw something but it was nothing." He says looking back at me, & this time I could've sworn he looked directly at me.
The guards run back to where ever they came from.
We all wait a few minutes then my cousin pokes his head out of his hiding spot. He then in a swift movement jumps across to me.
He stands up tall with his chest slightly puffed out, to seem some what vulnerable. I stand up slowly from my croutching position. The boy doing the same thing.
"Your really stupid for doing that!" I yell at him, only in a whisper tone.
He ignores me, his eyes move from mine to the boys
He just stands there, about the same height of Atrayu, so i have to look up just to see his face, with a huge smile on his face & his eyes gleaming with happiness. He starts to speak
"Hello, my name is Everrett" he says as he extends his hand out for a shake.
I reach out with me right hand, only hesitating, & place my left hand over my forearm to shake his hand.
Putting our left hand over our right forearm was another change they made. It is subbosably meant to be polite. We are suppose to do this when ever we extend our right hand to either give someone something or to shake hands with another.
He does the same with my cousin. The only time i can ever notice a change in my cousin is when it comes to other people he gets a weird vide from. And in this case i can see his face harden, the same way it does in a case like this.
I look back at Everrett, who stands there like a tower.
Is he a Roamer?
I am to afriad to ask, because i am not sure if it would be consider impolite. So I keep my mouth shut.
& if he is a Roamer then they are completely different people than the ones that are said in the rumors.
"Where have you come from?" My cousins speaks up.
"Excuse me?" He says, keeping his eyes on my cut arm.
I look down & notice it is bleeding pretty badly, it must've reopened.
"Do you live in Central Point?"Atrayu asks.
"Whats that?" he replies, now looking at Atrayu.
"You're a Roamer?" I say, with out realizing what i said.
"Roamer?" he hesitates. "Yeah i guess i am a Roamer."Atrayu looks at me, & then at him curiously. "Do you even know what a Roamer means?" He says
Everrett waits, he looks around, his bright eyes shining from the lights behind us.
"I have heard the term, but i have never intentionally explain myself as being such a thing."
His english, suprisingly, was very well said.
That is another thing that got changed, we have to have a very high vocabulary & be able to speak English Language our teachers taught us through out the years.
Because his english is well spoken we have to speak politly to him and have our english spoken well too. This way he is able to understand what we are saying. Because my cousin taught me the way the older Patrons spoke both me & him can understand eachother, while other people are unable to process it through their mind
"As for you living conditions, where is your family located at this moment?" I ask.
His eyes shoot to mine,
"As for my family, there is no current conection. I am in an environment with other Roamers of the same kind. We survive off eachothers habits." He says to me.
I look at my cousin, as for our plan, this is what we needed.
He knows what i am thinking, and he nodds
"Can you take us to where your location currently is? Is there allowed to be visitors of our sort?"
He nodds his black hair shaking. His lean body shifts he turns around slowly.
"Please if you may, follow behind me." He says. How is it!Check out the characters page<3  

Characters Page??
Things get worse over time
Description is in the page of the link.!


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Things Get Worse Over Time
Ch. 3
The warm sun hitting our tan skin, warming the bench that i sit on. I look across the grass until my eyes stop at the forest.
"Why don't we escape in there?" i say to my cousin, hoping for the answer of "we will." 
"I am not sure, we haven't gotten that far Stel." he says to me.I look at him, his marble blue eyes staring into my eyes. 
I wish this didn't happen, we were hoping my families death would happen so we can go a step closer to our plan. 
"Hey, Don't worry everything is going to be fine" 
I look away from his sincere voice and face, and look behind him across the grass field. 
"You say that, but you don't what can happen." i say " You cant tell the future." 
He laughs shaking his blonde hair. "That is indeed true, I didn't expect any of that" he says pointing to Central Point. "I didn't even know a change like that could happen." 
"well it did" i say upset. "We all changed.... Well most of us, atleast"  I envy my cousin because he didn't change and I did. 
"I am trying Stella, I really am. Believe me" he says to me with his face soft. 
"I do believe you, i always will. I just wish i didn't Adapt to the changes. I wish i was Roamer" I say to him. 
"You wish that, but who knows what Roamers are like, no one has ever even said anything about a Roamer, When ever someone does come in contact with them, do they ever come back?" He says to me with a serious tone. 
"Well. No" i say, he is right. when ever someone does come into contact with them, they never return. It is probably something to scare the Patrons so we don't try and escape. 
"But if we were Roamers then we wouldn't be under the Superiors surveillance, or the Administrations rules. We would be free." 
"Stella, if you were a Roamer, your memories would be erased. You wouldn't know how to write, talk, you wouldn't have manners. Hell, you probably wouldn't even know how to walk." 
"But your memory wouldn't be erased, so you would come and try and find me, and take care of me." I say trying to make my point 
He stays silent because he knows it is true, he would give up everything just to try and find me, he would teach me everything in order for me to survive. He already is only we are under surveillance. 
He stands up and looks down at me, his tight shirt shows his muscles. "Ready?" he says 
I follow him in another trail that leads to our arena where we practice. 
He grabs us both a sword, so he calls it, out of his collection of guns and swords. 
The swords to me look like big sharper utensil that we use for when we eat meals. 
The sword is heavy, but i got use to it. I flip in the air, and then catch. He claps sarcasticly
"You swing first" he says. 
" You know i am better when you start." i say to him 
"well then i guess you wont be good when you have to start a fight." 
With that said I strike at him with full force, of course he dodges, then strikes at me, i dodge but not quick enough, he cuts my arm. 
We go at it with each other for a while. we didn't notice that the sun was almost setting 
"Stella!" he yells at me, pointing at the sun. "The sun, we have to go!" we run throwing the swords in the bushes we run to the dirt road that leads to the gate. 
We run as fast as we can. Right when the sun disappears behind the plush green mountains, these enormous illuminating lights go on lighting up the entire the field and even the sky. Whenever movement is present, Guards swarm that area to see what it is.
As we run we know it will be too late, i run faster. But i am pushed in to the bushes. The lights then beam on making us both blind for a second
"Shhh" Atrayu says to me. we crouch down but only as much to where it wont make movement. 
"Great, what are we going to do?" i say to him looking around. 
"Well nothing really. It looks like we are spending the night out here." 
I look down at my skirt, and see the crumbled grass beneath me legs. I grab a small flower that was crushed. Its yellow petals bent and ripped. I am familiar with this flower. It is called a Daisy. We grow them, a lot, in one of the many green houses we have. 
 It is quiet for a little while. 
Atrayu speaks up. "Well this is perfect for training." he says with a smile across his face. 
I look at him, curious. "Wait what?" I say to him. i think for a second "Are you cr-" i try to say but he is already up and running through the bushes.
Without a second, i am up and running after him following his crushed path of grass. I see Atrayu smashing his way through the grass. I look behind me to see if i can see the Guards, but they are no where in sight, but i can hear them.
My blonde hair in my face. i turn to look ahead, at that moment and strong arm is pulling me into the think grass. I get pushed down into a crouching position.
My heart pounding & so loud that i don't want even hear it, and when a Guard appears i think that he can hear it to. He comes in my direction in his Blue Suit with black boots, and a head set so he can talk to who ever is on the other line. It looks like he looks directly at me he shines his flashlight just a little above me. I want to scream but i know i cant, i start to panic a hand is placed over my mouth "Shh" is whispered in my ear. 
I look past the guard & i see my cousin with his finger to his mouth, stating to be quiet. 
If my cousin is over there, then who pulled me into the grass?
I look behind me to find a unfamiliar face, his green eyes and black hair and warming smile..

Sorry this chapter was long, also. I am planning on doing a characters page. if you guys have any suggestions just send me a link i will look at them! (: <3 Thanks!!

Things Get Worse Over Time

Chapter 2

We ran down the plain blue walls, heading for the front doors of our school,
We know what has to be done, and as much as we dont want it to be done, it will be done.
I blame myself for this, Atrayu tells me that i shouldnt even blame my self, he doesnt blame himself.
He blames the Superior, he blames them for how they changed everything, changed the people, the Patrons.
He tells me that we dont desreve it, none of us do.
But i know it is my fault, i did what i did, so i blame myself for actions, going against policy regualtions.
"Stella, Stop thinking about it" he says as we turn the hall.
"Come on Atrayu, you cannot tell me your not thinking about it!? Your Mother is most likely Dead!" I say this, and a second later i regret what i said.
He just laughs it off " Your funny. You know me too well. My life would be better without her anyways, especially on top of the Superiours, i have one less thing to worry about if she is dead" he says as we arrive to the front glass, automatic, beige doors.
We go to the dial key-pad, he types in his secret code for the both of us to go through.
Inorder get past the security of the annoying blue lights flashing, with the screeching sound we have to hack into the system in order to get the doors open.
I always think about how advanced our life and our sytems are, and the Administration cant even think about putting a device for hackers, let alone cameras watching the door way,but they have them every where else in Central Point. 
This Administration is so unitelligant, it is weird to know that we are so organized, under their watch.
We step out, of course no breeze, and we do our normal routine for when we ditch. Look left, right and straight ahead looking for any Servelliance or Prosecuter Guard blue, lifted transportation.
We dont see any to get caught, and we follow the steps we do inorder to be in the blind spots of the cameras located all around Central Point. 
We run, slotching to stay out of view as much as possible.
I look back at my School, The blue sills, and beige surface, knowing it will be my last time attending there, i am not upset.
I look ahead at my cousin, his buff body running gracefully along the gray cement floor. I am never able to know what he is thinking, but he can always tell what i am thinking about.
I would have to say the only thing i like about our school is the apperances we have to wear. 
It depends on the Year, and whether or not your female or a male.
Because i am Just starting my High school year, ia m known as a Ameture, and atrayu is in his last year of high school, going off to a job he chooses, but must following ing the categorys given to him, he is known as Graduate. So Our apperances are completely different.
Mine is a short checkered blue skirt, knee high beige socks, with white sneakers. and a vest with a button down shirt underneath with the collar sticking out to see the light blue. On the vest, around the left breast it says " The Stable Well-Beings" that what our Territory it knows as and is knowns for.
As for Atrayu's apperance, He has black sneakers with beige pants, and a plain light blue button down, with a beige tie. His "Stable Well-Beings" logo is located on his right breast, and also his left shoulder.
I noticed that The older you are in school years, the more plain you become, and the colors seem to faid to a more blue-gray then the vibrant blues i had in Starting years, and Middle years.
We make it to the abandon steal, blue gate. 
Atrayu types in the code, and the vibrant green light that states " Accesses" appears, we both look back to make sure we fine to go, and we run.
We run looking back every chance we can, until we get to our hidden trail.
We make it after about a good ten minutes of running, we look again before entering the tall grass, and we know we are safe, we remove the tree leaves that we have as a door way to make sure the trail is not found, because if we were caught, we would never see daylight again.
We arent to access out of the Boudries of our specific location unless told otherwise,
Because there are "Rroamers" as they call them, that arent given a specific locations and are erased of their memmories, and set free into the open, to well, roam. They are supposably dangerous to come in contact with. So they try and keep us safe by locking inside hell.
we walk down the trail, with th grass as talk ourselves and make our way to the red bench we sit at almost every day.
We sit across from eachother ready to plan,
and after that hope that our plan works, and after that, who knows

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My Mom: Sydney, You need to sign that card.
Me: -_____- I dont wanna do anything!
Mom: Your Just Writing your name on a card?! 
Me: Thatsss To Much, You should bring me some food. 
Mom:...... No. 

And then i get punched -____-

Things Get Worse Over Time
Chapter One

There I was, getting told something i never wanted to hear my entire life.
And not even knowing what to do.
I saw it coming, i knew it was going to happen, i knew i should've tooken those percautions, but i didnt
and this is what happens. I expected it, but not this soon.
My principle and teacher both stand there looking at me for a reaction, but i wont give them one.
"Thank You for letting me know." I say to them. Their eyes widen and then a look appear, as if they expected me to cry, but not here, not this time, i will not cry. Not in front of them.
I turn to the door to my class room, the doors seem heavier then ever, i walk in eyes all on me, i go to my seat, and grab my stuff. Thats when it hit me, not the complete sadness that my entire family - my mother, little brother, older brother, grandmother, and possibly my father, the truly only ones i care for except my cousin, are dead - but the revenge of getting who ever did this back hit me. My eyes tear up, i run out of the room with my bag in hand. i fling the door open, to still see my teacher and princple talking, i shove past them. They dont bugg me, why would they at this time?
I go Down my Highschool hall ways, to my best friend, or cousins, room. Tears and anger switching back and fourth upon my face.
I arrive at his room, i look him dead in the face, faced staind with tears.
He stands up, knowing what has happened.
"It finally happened." I say through my teeth, and thats when the tears wont stop.
he grabs his stuff, with not another word and walks out wth me.

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