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Tinetria | single <$ | OFWGKTA.

i'm not an asshole, i just don't give a fuck a lot.
i just like being a rebel and just doing shit that people didn't want me to do just piss em' off and fuck with that shit got me off.
all i gotta say is:
do what the fuck makes YOU happy. cause at the end, who's there?

Quotes by NotTheAmericanAverage

i can't lie, i miss you much.
him: i love you
me: whatever..
him: forever? okay :)





i came to witty as a mistake.
i was looking for quotes.
but as usual i became obsessed.
of course 1D quotes are F_CKING annoying.
i'm over that though.
you guys witnessed me being heartbroken,
& NONE of you fake a$$e$ came to 'be there for me'
so, i went to music.
Odd Future
if it wasn't for OFWGKTA
i'd be dead.
i won't lie,
or sugar coat this sh_t.
i'm not into the whole 'i love you' bull$hit.
love doesn't exist,
nor does it last.
so, after my bad heartbreak
i became heartless.
"i'm not an a$$hole, i don't just give a F_CK a lot."

eat me.
& i know no one will read this.
so why the f_ck am i posting this?
i have no idea.


 How can i get over it,
when 'it' was someone i loved?
there is only one person i would jump in front of a bullet for,
give up my sweater in the freezing cold for,
 or spend all my money all..

 my little sisters
-don't waste your time on me,your already the voice inside my head
imiss you, i miss you


-i am capable of really anything.
i can cut you into pieces; when my heart is broken....

& i want you in my life.
the ones we've trusted the most, pushed us far away.