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Quotes by ZombiexEater*

turn crazy ideas


crazy realities

I hate being alone
But at the same time
I hate being around people

I realize I type faster when I am angry, or something is bothering me.



Sometimes bad things can

happen from innocent intentions~

format by Cosima2
"No I swear it's a thing, I googled it!"
I think I'm starting to go


I keep everything inside, I never open up, I don't vent.
I think I'm going crazy
I believe in fate, strengh, love, bravery,
anything kind left in the world~

|I'ts easy for you to see beauty in everything|
Except yourself


My Format

Black Background

Black Background

And I'm sorry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
For being


Black Background

Black Background

Black Backg

I wish R.I.P meant
"Return If Possible" <3