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ZombiexEater*'s Favorite Quotes

Just because you know someone would wait for you forever doesn't mean you should let them wait that long.
I'm a disaster.
I'm a bloody mess.
Always losing. Always bruising.
Never faked it. I'm never changing.

I'm a disaster.
I'm a bloody mess.
Always losing. Always bruising.
Never faked it. It's time to change this.

But when I close my eyes the miles melt away
Like you're here in my arms at the end of the day
So bring me the night
Send out the stars
Cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far
Darken the sky and light up the moon
So that somehow you'll be here with me soon
Bring me the night
That brings me to you
And it's enough knowing you
I know that you're calling to me while you're
Dreaming beneath the same moon
All it takes is imagining you
So that I can get through
One more long and lonely day...

"I never said you had to love me back."
"Yeah, I know. Everyone says I should hate you for what you've done to me, and put me through."
I shrugged. "But I'm probably going to love you anyway, and I'm not going to lie about it."
My heart is bigger than the distance in between us.
"A truly cruel fate this is. To love someone that lives on the other side of the earth."
When I said you're ugly,
I meant that I could look at you all day, everyday.
When I said I hate you,
I meant that I love you more than most people in my life.
When I rolled my eyes at you,
I was trying to cover up my idiotic omnipresent grin.
When I asked why you're so annoying,
I meant to ask whether you feel it too.
And when I told you to flirt with another girl,
what I meant was that there was already a girl who loved you,
staring right at you, but she was too afraid to admit it.
*A friend and I talking about razors*
Me: Yeah my new razors are so sharp. I cut two of my nails that caught on it, and my knees.
Her: What are these? Satan's razors?
Me: LOL yes. "Silk Touch: by Satan."
Me: "Sinfully Smooth"
Me: That was so brilliant. I should work in advertising.
Her: We could be rich.
Me: This is gonna happen.
"No, I'm not single.
I am in a long distance
relationship because my
lives in the future."

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