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OneSnowSurfer smelss like SHITOCKYMUSSROOMS
jordo: wanna go buy mne some chips from the store?
stacy: umm... i dont have any money.. and OMG i think kyleys gunna im me i hope not tho.
jordo: aghhhhhhhhhh
stacy: I'M SPECIAL abd i hate this song.. its ok tho
jordo:i dont know it... kylyes gay
stacy: omg i totally agree at least he doesnt e-mail u
stacy: im really bored what should we do?
jordo: idk
jordo: lets call people.. NOT JARED

JJ was makein fun of us.. wanna know y?... beacuse we had a make out couch in my garage... and she was mad she wasnt there and then me and mcclain were like its ok cory wasnt there.... it was in shop... do u have any chips... hello... do you have any chips.. ha ha ha

I want you to belive me
when i tell you that i've changed.
I want you to understand,
that, that was just a phase
I want you to realize
I don't care what you think
I want you to know i love you and i care
But most importantly i want to know
you'll always be there.

luv ya
p.s. i made this up all by myslef to
I sit in bed every night
and cry my self to sleep.
My daddy says he loves me
I know that this is true
but he has a great way of makein
me feel so blue.
Sometimes when he comes home drunk
I want to go hug him and say that
everything will be ok.
but then i stand back and whatch
while his face sort of fades away.
He's never there for me
When im cryin
or even when im sad.
But i still love him the same
even tho he makes me mad.
I want him to know how i feel
and mabye this will be the way
I want him to know even when im mad
He'll always be my dad

Hey the endings still kinda sour but hey im just a beginer.. and yeah i did make this up all by my self..
luv ya stacy.g.
Theres so much no one knows about me
Theres so much no one sees
About the way i feel inside my thoughts and all my needs

Mabye its that you dont look,
or the fact that i dont show,
But eathier way, there are things inside of me
that no on seems to know.


I want to show the world
I want every one to see
All the thoughts and ideas
that flow inside of me.


Mabye you just havent noticed
Or mabye you don't dare
To find out who i am inside
To show me that you care


I'm scremin on the inside
but a smile is what you see,
But i am not content with the person
that i seem to be.

There's a dofferant person on the inside,
that i cant seem to show,
But mabye if you took the time
that person you could no.

Danielle you are my best friend ever and you always will be I love you so much and i dont know what id do with out u.. we have some awesome times and i luv goin to the mall wit you... its great.... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH