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Hello Stranger! Welcome To My Witty!!!
  Welll Here's Somethings About Mii!

 I'm 13 *Woot Woot* I Have medium length brown hair with honey blonde underneath. My eyes are a brownish greenish hazel color. I was born in New York But dont live there anymore :( *Tear* I live with Mi Madre and Brother. I am Puerto Rican/Dominican ;) I am currenty in 8th grade :/  I have a nice group of friends but I can only call a few my 'Best Friendds' I am not really sporty all tough I chered for about 3 years. I hate reading. I am a smart person (Sometimes :) ) My Favorite color is Pink..I know Chessey but yeahhh. Currnetlly Im listenign to 8 amazing songs..DNA by Little Mix Live Whle We're Yound And Little Thinhs By The Famous 1D :P, Beauty and The Beat By The Beebs,Thinking 'Bout You By Fank Ocean, And Feel Me (Profile Song),Alive And One Mintue By Krewella....I Like most kinds of music..Pop R&b,Some kinds of Rock...Ummmm Yeah I Guess Thats all from me for now! Love Ya!!! XX <3
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Quotes by Nyprincess33

im tired
im tired of being yelled at
im tired of trying to be good
im tired of caring what people think
im tired of doing my nails
im tired of doing my hair
im tired of trying to be pretty
im tired of laughing
im tired of fake smiling
im tired of trying to be a good friend
im trierd of wanting a good friend
im tired of wanting a perfect famiiy
im tired of drama
im tired of crying
im tired of showing weakness
im tired of being tired
im tired of trying to be perfect
im tired of trying to impress people
im tired if calling my brother for my problems
im tired of having friends
im tired if being me
im tired of being fat
im tired of having a life like mines
im tired of nothing
im tired of the haters
im tired of being talked about
im tired of trying to act happy
im tired of going out
im tired of being a horrible friend
im just tired of everything....
I left school 10 mintues after it started.. Jealous??

i feel terrible!!! *Tear*
soo.. today i spent my day watching the lying game drinking tea and eating lipton soup while its snowing outside and im going to puerto rico in 2 days...Im sick and have to fly in 2 days and its snowing what 2 weeks since spring started??? i wanna cry :(
You Dont Know About Me But I Bet You Want To!!
Thank God Its Friday....Now I dont Have To See You Fake Peasant friends and you!!!! Its A Winn Winn situation!!!
You Remember Last Year??? When we were 'Friends'? Well yeah you told me you didnt like them...They were just followers...Guess who's hanging out with them now??? Cuz its surely not me!
You And Your 'Friends' arent as popular as you think.....
Im Fed Up With You And Your 'Friends'.....
okay...I know you dont like me but the fact that I was in pain so Instarted crying doesnt mean you can laugh at me.....What if it were you? You'd yell and swear at me because I Laughed.....