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hi, i'm Shannon.


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Quotes by OHxEMxGEEZ

  i feel      like crying,
    but i cant.
        guess      i      already
   u s e d   u p   a l l   m y

tears on you.


           i lose my breath
           when i think about
             how you    used to
hold my hand.

so maybe I do just want a boyfriend..
but maybe, I just want him.


i used to be the
only       thing     ♥     
on his mind....


and I got the point; that I should leave you alone.
but we both know that I'm not that strong.
and I miss the lips that made me fly.

                                                              &+  I  was  nearly  
                                             scared to death;

                                             why you left in
                                              paragraphs.    the 
                                             words  were nearly

    over us.


i come to you in pieces                
so you can    make me               



i want his arms                            
around me again.                         

you call my name.
   I come to you in   p  i  e  c  e  s   ,                                                      
so  you  can make  me  whole.