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Quotes by OMFGiitsVICKY

girl: (watching he's just not that into you) aww, the blond girl is stuck between two guys and she's crying.
boy: is she getting gang banged or something?
girl: NOOO. she likes two guys.
boy: OOOOOOH, i get it. :)


boy: i want to be a girl. but without the periods and stuff.
girl: i want to be a unicorn.
boy: i want to be a leprachaun.
girl: i want to be a choochoo train.
boy: i want to be with you.

''this show creeps da ploops outta ma hiner!''


say what?
chris, boy oh boy.
you have no idea
how much i love you.
i have NO idea what you
said, but i died of laughter.
ilysfm. <3

''It's the spring of the summer of the winter in the fall .''


haha, oliver said this,
and i had no clue what he ment.
just felt like posting it.


ollie: he hates me
vicky: no, don't say that! he doesn't hate you!
ollie: yes he does! look, this is how our conversations are
me(ollie):hi chris.
chris: ... (OR) o.O
vicky: that doesn't mean anything! it's just cause you don't know eachother alot.
ollie: no! and he loves you.
vicky: shut up, dont say that.
ollie: its true! you say one simple thing and he freaks!

well, this is random. haha.
conversation i had with my boyfriend.
ohboyy. today was awkward.
we was telling me how my best friend chris hates
him because we're together
and stuff. it was funni.
i just felt like posthing this somewhere.
i love you oliver.
i love you too chris.

chris's mom: turn that fkin music down!
chris: turn that fkin music down!
chris's mom: you think your fkin funny?!
chris: i think im fkin hilarious.
chris's mom: -slaps, walks back in room.-
chris: that tickled, b*tch


you gotta love him.
ilysfm chris.

friend:you lost 1 worthless kid,
               there's billions of others.


me:but those billions of others
                        aren't like that
1 worthless kid.

some people just
dont understand.
yeah, your worthless,
but hey, i still love you.
ollie :]<3

i can't help but smile
everytime i imagine us

all credit to mee.
i came up with this when i pictured
me and my crush together.
all i did was smile like an idiot,
and people were staring.
soo,there ya go!
Shush girl, shut your lips.
Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said shush girl, shut your lips.

don't trust me-3OH!3*
do you believe in love at first sight?
or should i walk by you again ?

got lazy with the colours,
but i love the lyrics.
love at first sight-nickausaur.*