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Hi :D
   My names Kayley Sylvia♥

I live in mattapoisett mass and im in 8th grade.

I've been through so much crap this year, i hardly reconize myself.
I think people don't realize how lucky they are untill something bad actually happens to them.
In a way im kind of thankful for everything thats happened and thats happening to me. Because i've had to grow up alot. And i learn so much from everything, or i try to anyway.
I try not to see the bad in people and thats my biggest fault.

I've had my heart broken, like any other girl.
But right now its taken ♥
Out of all the terrible shit thats gone on in my life, i'm getting better now.
I don't sit there and drown in my tears anymore.

*if i had to give any advice, i'd just say that your only as small as you make yourself.*


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