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Hey guys, I'm back. I'm not going to ever have a layout again,
so please don't try to get me to use yours. And I'm going to ask  
for no fan mail. I've been off of this for at least 6 months, so I'm
picking it back up when I realize I need an outlet. Sorry if I have
dissapointed any of you guys with my disappearance. -

Quotes by OceanWavesxx

Yeah, I'm gunna down that shot & yes, I'm
going to stay up late and sleep in past 1.
Damn straight I'm going to cut class to go
to the beach. Yea, I'm going to take that hit,
and without a doubt I'll kiss that boy. Hell yea
I'm going to question all forms of authority, &
yes I'm gunna eat that carton of ice cream.
Damn right I'm going to stand up for myself,
and yeah I'm going to flip off that girl for saying
that thing. And I'd be a damn fool if I didn't
stay out all night with my friends. So yeah,
I'm basically going to live my life.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
But no, I'm not going to put down my drink &
no, I'm not going to be sleep deprived . You're
right, I deserve a break, but I'll make up my
work ASAP. But no, I'm not going to let myself
become a pothead and of course I'm not going
all the way with him. But no, I'm still going to
have some respect for elders, and I'm going to
run 3 miles to work it off. But no, I'm not gunna
offend anyone in the process, and no, I'm not
throwing the first punch. And naturally, it's
only going to be for that one night.
Stop making excuses. Check yourself,
before you wreck yourself.          
If you enter this world knowing
that you are loved, and you leave
it knowing the same, everything in
between can be dealt with.     


In 2OO9,
beauty was eyeliner and hair straighteners, mascara and hair gel.
In 2009, you were pretty if you had a Northface, HCo skinnies, & a
pair of Uggs. In 2009, you would pay 24.99 for a t-shirt, just cause
it came for an over-perfumed, dimly-lit store that played music that
gave you a migraine. In 2009, we were afraid to text him first, cause
that would be "clingy." In 2009, we created all these silly excuses for
ourselves. In 2009, we sat at home crying over a guy that didn't care.
In 2009, we hated, we lied, we backstabbed, we decieved, and we
fought for all the wrong things. In 2009, we lied to our old friends to
impress our new ones. In 2009, we thought twice and said "Why?"
But you know what? Let's change all that. Let's try this all over again,
In 2O1O.



I know why
isn't working ;;
If Cosmo & Wanda can't get Timmy & Trixie
together, then that clock on the wall can't

Every time I hear his name, my heart skips a beat
Whenever he comes around, all I can do is smile.
All the ladies love him, and all the parents hate him.

e ' s   t h e   p e r f e c t   s u m m e r   b o y . 
Oh, sweetie, don't flatter yourself. I was talking about
the ice cream man!

t h e   s a d   t h i n g   i s ,
y o u   c o u l d   h a t e   m e  
i'd still love you.


d o   I   d o   n o w ?   B o y ,   y o u ' v e   g o t   m e

»i n s i d e o u t «


Break rules,
not hearts.


Girls, for real, suck it up . You knew that you
two weren't going to last forever the moment
that you started going out. After all, you are
in your freshman year of high school or lower,
and you're trying to hook up with Mr. Right.
If you don't want your heart broken, simply
do not get into a relationship . Especially
with a player, a manwhore, or any of the
sort. Have some common sense, here,
please. If you're launching yourself
into a relationship, expect the worst.
After all, they always say that

I F  Y 0 U ' R E   G U N N A   B E   D U M B 
you gotta be tough.