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i need to sort everything out. too much has been going on.
goodbye  for  now.  you  guys  are  amazing.


OllieBear123's Favorite Quotes

sometimes i just want to high-five you,
right in the
with a
made of steel.

i read it, the quote from oliver, i'm writing this
right now, not knowing where i'm going with it
but this is my response, this is it, i'm thinking.
and i honestly don't know what to do right now
i've been told not to go back, i'll just get hurt.
but i know i still love him, i know i do, oliver.
but i don't know if i'm ready, i need you back
i miss your cuddles, kisses, our movie nights.
i miss you, olliebear. pretty please come back.
That quote was wonderful and i'm crying now.
Mumma walked in and asked me whats wrong.
I shook my head and she walked out of my room.
The truth is, i miss you too, more than you think.
You were the only person who could make me
honestly and 100% happy, olliebear, i love you.
i reaaaaaally do miss you, and you know what?
lets give this another shot, i miss you like crazy.
i still love you ollie

Me singing: "I bet she's beautiful. That girl he talks about."

Me singing: "And she's got everything that I have to live without."
My brother: "Like AIDS. She can have him."


I love him. xD

This quote does not exist.

fat city b-tch, fat fat city b-tch,
ten ten ten doughnuts&a twinkie

This quote does not exist.

"Once upon a time, witty used to be for venting."
Tell us more Grandma.

According to witty,
this quote will get 489 faves and 37 comments.
Let's see if they're right...

and a girl as sweet as you, there's not much else i can do
but fall for you


i love you claire :]