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I'm a poet from Canada who likes books and cats more than most of those around her.
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ᴏɴᴄᴇ-ᴜᴘᴏɴ-ᴀ-ᴍɪᴅsᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ-ᴍᴏʀɴɪɴɢ*'s Favorite Quotes

There is a kingdom in me,
and sometimes it is burning.
Sometimes, I let it.
I promise never to hide this from you.
That is my vow.
I promise to be an open mouth.
I promise to stay fractured.
I promise to be imperfect.
I promise to be the bravest .
broken window you’ve ever seen
I am sick of nuancing other peope's mistakes
I don't care they had a bad day
I don't feel like standing above the flames of frustration
I let it consume me, from ashes to ashes

there is no place here for external reflection
The blazing arrows pointed at angry eyes looking at me
soon to target everybody who's even closeà
my rage undiscriminating, from dust to dust

My anger powers the phoenix in me to rise
the fire, consuming everything, has left me alone
just like me, nobody coated themselves in compassion
just like me they let the inferno roar

When our song slowed down
I realised it was my song
all along

I aways bottle it up
but now I pour out the love
for myself

Because you where killing me
kindly and my skin is thicker but it burns
all the same

and you will get better
in your never new year
and I'm gone

We tought it was a love song
but I realised it was mine
all along

It's been a while
but I found a home
there's a shower and stove
and a bed that fits only one

I will deal with the mold
I wil deal with the rodents
To be honest I brought them here
Because I was too scared of being alone

but it's mine now
I've made my descision to stay
The only thing I shouldn't do 
is wander out the door


                                                                                      A FAIRYTALE, MAYBE THAT’S
                                                                                       WHY IT DIDN’T LAST LONG.
                                                                                   BECAUSE FAIRYTALES AREN’T
                                                                                             MEANT TO BE NOVELS.

When I am sad
my mother sends me apples 
my friends send me booze

I'm hangover in somebody's bed
my mother toldme to keep hydrated 
I'm clenching my thirst in the wrong wells

the answer is right there
but I'm not ready yet to accept that mistakes
are sometimes only that

I am sorry, I am
for my mom, for not listening
for myself, for not being smart

I'll keep passing up the apples
and I take beer over water
but when I lie in the gutter 

I still know the answer
It's right there
I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts but they need constant attention & one day I decided I had better things to do.

Brian Andreas


i am actually very, very glad i didn't rush into and invest in a long term relationship at a young age. because i worry.

i realize that everyone is different, but i always ask myself when i see those couples who've been going on strong since their freshman year of high school, "did you learn to love yourself first? are you even bothering to learn to love yourself? or are you just depending on them for a majority of your happiness? what happens when they leave? how are you going to handle it?"

i worry because after my first relationship ended, i was a wreck. i felt so worthless. we only were together a little over a month, but the time i spent with him was amazing. he made me happy, but i couldn't find happiness within myself. i didn't love myself. and that's why i felt like my life was over when it all ended. but i'm glad it happened, because i am finally on a journey to loving myself.

i'm not saying breakups are never going to be hard, but they'll certainly be easier when you realize that
you are responisble for your own happiness. loving yourself comes first, and i hope people can realize that before they get so wrapped up in another person.
its funny because i hate it but i'm so good at being alone man, being lonely is the best thing i do
gonna keep dragging across the coals until i get to somewhere it doesn't burn
the whole world can't be made of fire, there's not enough energy in the universe for that.