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Little Things

Chapter 20

I frowned and stuffed my phone in my pocket. Where could they be? I paced back and forth in my bedroom and sighed. Maybe they were asleep? I couldn't find myself to believe that. Maybe Noah went to a friends house with Mike? Or a party? I shrugged and plopped on my bed. I turned on the tiny tv I had in my room. It didn't have cable so I could only watch dvds. I crawled over to the tv and put on Toy Story 3. I smiled to myself thinking of Liam's face and when it lights up when he watches Toy Story. Speaking of Liam..
'Hello beautiful(: -Liam'
My heart fluttered at the message. 'It's only a crush Gabby' I thought. I was in the middle of typing back when I heard a thud and a groan. What the..?
- - - - -
Noah's POV

"How are we suppose to get back in?" Mike whispered.
"The way we came out." I muttered. I began climbing up the tree that was near my window. I always came here, it was my think spot. I use to take Gabby up here when we were younger and we'd play pirates or anything our little imaginations came up with. I moved my foot up trying to find a branch. My grip loosened and I plummeted to the ground.
"Owww.." I groaned. Mike chuckled and ran over to me. He lifted me up and I rubbed the back of my neck. Ouch. Lets give this another go.
- - - - -
Gabby's POV

I knitted my eyebrows together and walked to Noah's room.
"Noah? Mike?" I whispered and knocked softly.
"You guys alright?" I asked again. Nothing. I let out a frustrated sigh. I smirked and ran downstairs. I rummaged through the drawers until I found a silver key.
"Aha." I mumbled with a sly smile as I ran up the stairs. I went to Noah's room and slid the key into the knob. I opened the door and saw Noah falling inside from the window. Mike was jumping in from behind him. They both froze when they saw me.
"Sh.t.." Noah breathed. I leaned against the frame of the door and tapped my fingers along the wood. I shook my head and smirked.

Ohhh Gabby caught them ;D What do you guys think? Sorry this chapter was a little short.. Okay for all of you who have instagram.. I have an account and maybe if you'd like you could follow it? The user is @how1dful_imagines (: And I'm writing another story and chapter 1 of that story will be on that instagram and if enough people like it I will be making a wattpad and continuing on there. Lub ya bbys.
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Little Things

Chapter 19

Noah's POV

I stuffed my hands in my pockets and turned to Mike. He clenched his jaw and walked up to the front door. Music was blaring and it reaked of alchohol.
"Just please don't tell Gabby I told you." I mumbled to Mike. I felt horrible that I told Mike her secret but he needed to know. Now these kids can learn a lesson. We barged in and looked around for Lily. Bingo. She was grinding on a guy on the opposite side of the room. I nudged Mike's shoulder and we walked over to her.
"Hey Noah." Lily smirked and stopped dancing. The guy she was dancing on frowned and wrapped his arms around her waist. I clenched my jaw holding in my anger. I wanted to scream at her for making my sister feel this way but I couldn't do that.
"What's up?" She asked noticing I wasn't happy.
"Stay away from our sister." Mike said coldly. She gasped and put her fingers to her lips.
"What did I do wrong?" She squealed. I rolled my eyes.
"Don't play nice girl. We know what you put her through." I growled. I cleared my throat trying to calm myself.
"I don't know what your talking about." She looked away trying not to make eye contact. Liar.
"You disgust me." I spat. Mike nudged me trying to calm me down but I couldn't.
"Hey! Don't talk to her that way!" The boy Lily was dancing on earlier shouted. He pushed me backwards. My blood was boiling. I clenched my fists and swung at him. My fist connected with his jaw sending him backwards. He looked shocked and then ran at me, tackling me to the ground. I rolled on top of him and began taking out my anger. I just punched and punched. I heard a crack and his nose started to bleed.
"Babe!" Lily screeched running over to us.
"Noah!" Mike yelled. I didn't listen. I was out of it. I felt a strong grip on my arm as he yanked me up. Hot tears were streaming down my face at I swung at the air. Mike dragged me out, all attention on me. Lily smirked and waved at me.
"F.CK YOU!" I screamed.
- - - - -
I held my head in my hands the whole car ride.
"Noah you were out of control tonight." Mike said sternly.
"I know and I'm sorry. I get carried away, Mike. I don't need you to tell me what I did was wrong, because trust me I know." I murmured. He sighed and nodded.
"It's okay, Noah. I know you didn't mean too. You were just protecting Gab." Mike smiled and tried to cheer me up. I shook my head and sniffled. I pulled out my phone as it began to buzz. A picture of me and Gabby when we were little flashed on the screen. I quickly put it back in my pocket. I couldn't tell her what happened.
It had to stay a secret.

I'm so sorry): I was so un-motivated with writing I just left.. I'm really sorry but I'm back ;D So earlier I was looking at my old stories and ugh I remember when I'd get 15 likes and 2 comments and stuff and the most I get on this story is like... 5 likes ); but I'll just finish this story for the few who like it.. feedback would be nice(:
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Hi Beautifuls! 
I'm writing a story of WattPad, I'm going to keep writing here but I wanted to try something differnt so I posted it on WattPad! It would mean a lot to me if you went and read it. My username is miniIsaak and the story is called "Can You Live With Yourself?" 
I hope you guys like it, and I'd like to thank OnceUponAStory a million times over for giving me so much help! 

If you want, and I can post a comment on your profile whenever I put another chapter up, just let me know, and I'll add you to a list! 

Thank you! XOXO
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Second Chances
Harry and Alexa were inseperable for the first sixteen years of their lives.
In fact, they spent every single summer together for as long as they could remember. 
Things changed though, as they always do in teenage years. 
Harry left Alexa right after confessing his love for her. They haven't talked in four years. 
So what happens when they spend the summer together at their beach house?
They try to rebuild their friendship, but will it backfire? 
Or will it turn into something more?

Fav/Comment if you're interested in reading this story!
I Miss You
*A Sequal to Torn*

Chapter Two

My eyes fluttered open to the smell of strong smoke. I looked around completely panicked. Why was I in a car? Wasn't I just in a bathroom?
"Don't worry Lex, its just me" Trey laughed from the front seat. 
"Trey where the hell am I?" I asked still concerned
"My car in the parking lot of the stadium. You took off after the announcement, Shark Bait followed you, you were passed out in the bathroom, she came to find me and I carried you out here. We figured if your mom found out that she'd scream" 
"Thanks I think"
"Whats your problem Lex? You have been nervous around me since... yanno..."
"Trey I thought we weren't talking about that again."
"You haven't been the same around me since, I'm worried" His eyes begged me to comfort him but I couldn't. I just sat up, thanked him for letting me stay in his car and then headed back into the arena. 
"Lex" Shark Bait whispered when I found her and I just shrugged
"It wasn't me this time I swear. Treys car just smells" Shark Bait just stared at me but dropped the subject. She was what made me quit smoking and really stop partying, expecially with Trey. Other than her, only Zayn and Perrie knew about my partying days because they always covered for me. Perrie came over to hug me, she knew me better than anyone other than Shark Bait. 
"Honey, I thought you quit" She whispered to me while holding me in a hug
"I did, I was just in Treys car. It got on my clothes"
"I'm going home now, Want to come with us and get a change of clothes so you won't go home smelling like that"
"Please. Thank you so much Pez" I smiled 
"Shark Bait your coming too, let's go" Perrie grabbed both of our arms and pulled them towards her car. She drove a little blue beatle that looked like it belonged in the 70s. I'm still surprised Zayn is seen in that thing. We got into the car and I texted my mom telling her I left with Perrie. When we got to their house I went upstairs and took one of Zayn's old sweatshirts, a pair of shorts and a beanie I had left there over time and I swapped into my glasses I had in my bag
http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86611881).  The girls and I sat on the couch to watch re-runs of old shows. Perrie may be almost 18 years older than Shark Bait and me but she still connects with us. Perrie was telling us an old story from when she was on the DNA tour when Trey came in. His eyes were bloodshot and glassy and he was slow moving.
"Hey Buddy" Perrie said cheerfully when he walked in but he just kept walking into his room. 
"Per, why do you let him smoke and do whatever it is he does? It's horrible" Shark Bait asked and Perrie just shrugged
"I'm letting him make his own mistakes but he looks horrible. I should really go talk to him shouldn't I?" Shark Bait nodded and I stood up.
"I'll go talk to him" I offered and Perrie just nodded. I followed Trey to his room and he sat on his bed, tears streaming down his face. 
"Trey? Trey what's wrong?" I asked sliding next to him. 
"I-I made mistakes Lex. Mistakes that made me lose you." He said in an almost whisper while looking down at the ground. I cupped his face in my hands to make him look at me. 
"Listen. What happened that night was bound to happen eventually. Sure it could've been handled A LOT better than it was but it just proved both of us had to lay off everything. It would've never happend if we were both in our right mind. You need to try and forget about it T, If Zayn and Perrie find out-" He cut me off
"Lexi... I killed a guy... I wouldn't have even known if it weren't for his blood being all over my clothing the next day.... If Zack wasn't a cop then I would be in prison right now." His breaths were short from sobbing. I pulled him in my arms and tried to comfort him. Once he was normal again he looked up at me and I leaned in to kiss him. When our lips met the memories I tried so hard to forget came flodding back. The memories from the night I last kissed Trey.
Authors note-
Why do you think Trey did it? Will someone find out? Will he confess? What? I may be slightly insane tonight guys because I have to occupy myself until 7 when 5 Seconds of Summer announce the show they are going to do in Boston. They are my babies okay.
Comments, Ideas, you know the drill
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I Miss You
*A Sequal to Torn*


Hello there. I could give you a long, sappy introduction that makes me seem like a sweet little angel but I'm far from it. I am the angel from your nightmare. My name is Alexa Tomlinson. Yes, I am the daughter of Louis Tomlinson and the niece of the one and only Niall Horan. People treat me differently because of it. I am in the constant pressure to be perfect and really the world doesn't know what I'm really like. That sweet girl the media and fans always see is an act. I have to be nice to them, the practically run my family. When I'm not out there it's like behind the scenes of a movie. I am the oppisite to the person everyone thinks I am. I am not a people person. When I see all those press people run up to me or my family I am secretly plotting their murder in my head. Of course I would never actually carry it out but it makes going outside bareable. 
I'm guessing you want to know a few things about me considering you haven't heard from me since my parents wedding.
I take after my family. I'm considered 'perfect'. I have my fathers bright blue eyes and his carmel hair color but I traded it in for black dye a long time ago. I always make sure my makeup is done as perfectly as I can and I'm constantly in magazines for my fasion choices. For some odd, odd reason I have girls using me as a role model when I haven't done anything. The hard thing in life is, my familys fans are the closet things I have to friends other than family and the boys' kids. I have a few places where I can be myself but that is only because those people who think I'm Little Miss Sunshine don't follow me there. Life is full of pressures to be perfect and honestly, I hate it. 

Authors note-
I'M BACK! It's not permanent that I'm going to stay, It all depends on how you guys react to this story. I've been sitting on the ideas for this story since Torn ended but I never knew how to do it but I think I've got a pretty good story going here. What do you guys think? Should I keep going?
Me: I have a game, let's ask each other questions to get to know each other.

Cleverbot: What is your favorite singer?

Me: Good question. Probably Amy Lee.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry but this conversation is not very intresting. I thought you would be able to answer questions without deflecting.

Me: ....I just answered you...

Cleverbot: No you didn't
Me: ....