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irishyouwerehere 1 decade ago
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Sorry, I haven't been on in forever.
My announcement is that, well my name is Ali McGinley.
I'm really good friends with Niall Horan & I was going to give him a list of people to follow on twitter, and pass on messages.
Listen, I created a witty so people wouldn't hate on me, like they do on other sites.
So if you are going to tell me"ooohh you're not real." then don't even bother replying.
juju5068 1 decade ago
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thanks for all the favorites :) <3
OneDirectionForevergirl 1 decade ago
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that is sad
Ashley1D 1 decade ago
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She was a little 6 year old girl who had cancer and Justin Bieber met her in the childrens hospital and then he fake proposed to her and called her Mrs. Bieber and Justin had her at soooo many of his shows and interviews after that and she just passed away the other day :(