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Hey guys(: I'm a huge One Direction fan if you can't tell. I love all 5♥ I don't have a favorite its so hard to pick! I'm going to be posting One Direction Fun Facts for you guys obviously so i hope you like them♥(: If you dont like One Direction then you don't have to follow or read my quotes(: but how could you not like theemm?D:

baby, you light up my world like nobody else

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OnDirectiofact #17
Go to 00.52 in this video. " 



OnDirectiofact #17
A fan gave Zayn a book called 'Why smoking is bad for you' and Zayn broke down in tears, hugged her and said "I'm so sorry" 



OnDirectiofact #16
Niall says he's extremely protective, and that he'd always walk his girlfriend home, no matter what. 



OnDirectiofact #15
Harry can speak French.♥ 



OnDirectiofact #14
If Harry could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it'd be Tacos.



OnDirectiofact #13
Harry and lou are the only two of the five who can drive.



OnDirectiofact #12
If the world ended in 10 seconds what would you do? Niall said he'd fart.



OnDirectiofact #11
Zayn is a cuddling sort of guy.

favorite if you want to snuggle with him♥



OnDirectiofact #10
Harry once told a girl he was gay because he wasn't interested in her..



OnDirectiofact #9
With all the money Niall has made, he bought his mom a new car