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Quotes by OneDirectionQuotes

I'm curious
Like this if you ship Larry
Comment if you don't/you ship Elounor
Management didn't put as much security around
Harry in Paris because they wanted a scene of
Madness for 1D3D. Harry ended up crying.
"When I take pictures with fans,
I always rub their backs so they don't get nervous."
-Harry Styles
"I like kisses that aren't too fast or rushed,
That's what makes a good kiss."
-Louis Tomlinson
I need new One Direction quotes tumblr's to follow,
So if you have any suggestions please comment with the link!

I'm gonna answer some questions for a little while
Before I have to do homework. :)
Zayn did NOT cheat on Perrie.
The pictures the lady posted aren't even of Zayn.
Plus, Zerrie is together right now and Zayn will be
Attending Little Mix's concert tonight.
Don't hate on other peoples' idols,
They could be the reason they're still alive.

Like me, One Direction helped me stop cutting.
If you ever feel alone or like you have no one to talk to,
I am always here.
Just leave a comment on my profile,
And I will respond to each and every one.