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You obviously have a reason to be checking out my profile
Well I'm not sure what to tell you.
You may leave disappointed. 
I'm a lonly person with no one really to share my time with.
I'm always interested in talking so hit me up sometime.
Maybe we can share a laugh or a tear, who knows?

Quotes by OneStepLongFall

As time passes, things change every day
But wounds, wounds heal, but scars still remaining the same
But tomorrow today's going down in flames
Throw the match, set the past a blaze
So feel the fire beneath your feet as you barely even perspire
From the heat, exhale deep and breathe a sigh of relief
And as you say goodbye to the grief
It's like watching the walls melt in your prison cell
But you've extinguished this living hell
Still a little piece of you dies as you scream