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Quotes by OnlyYourSuperman

Tell me If I'm wrong, and this is crazy
But I got you this rose
And I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?
Really though its always at 3am. Idk why I always answer. Guess its cuz Im still waiting on those beers
It's cool. I'm not sweating it.
"Do I make you wanna dance real slow?

Go flyin' down a two lane road?

Find a limb to hang your clothes?

Do I make you wanna let your hair down

Play a little truth or dare now

Act just like you don't care now

Girl when I come around tell me

Do I make you wanna?"
I didn't think I'd honestly write you back. I thought I reached my breaking point a long long time ago. Feeling broken, abandoned, forgotten after we broke up, but today just driving in this beautfiul weather I felt homesick. And I was so confused why because I was headed home. Only gone for three days and headed back. Then I realized it wasn't about being home it was about you. It was about my best friend. It was about us sitting on the beach where we felt the world right there in our finger tips together. I never got when you said you could just be friends with me till today. When you yearn for a person so much, so hard, and for so long that it doesn't matter in what shape or form you get them as long as it's a piece. I get it now. I know we can't be friends any time soon with these lives we have going but thought I'd just tell you I'm finally ready to. I don't care if we ever end up together as long as I get to just hear from you. Talk to you about anything and everything. As long as I can get that feeling of the world being ares for the taking.
Then do it without contacting me.
Just admit it your not trying to figure anything out your just trying to keep him from not leaving you huh?
Figure what out exactly?? because you coming to me nonstop then turning around only to run back to him is ridiculous and tiring.
He messaged me. Do you care if I reply? do you want me to end it?