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Gunna be working graveyard all week if you want to stop in after 12:30? just let me know when.
I cant tomarrow night
I'm fine with that but you are gunna actually have to see me to give it to me.
I told you this and you didn't care.
Yup was all so exciting
Uhm nothing really. Val called and asked me how to change mia's tire so drove over there and took the tires off to put new tubs in them and then was gunna go up to table mtn to have a picnic but rachels car all of a sudden died so tinkered with it the rest of the day then had dinner with my parents and wen yo mcdonalds to get a sundae lol and thats pretty much it.
Not really sure what to say to the first part but yeah I remember going ice skating of course. Was the last thing we actually did together. Don't want to do anything for my birthday this year. Don't really care that I'm turning 20. So that's how that will be going.