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Following her foot steps as in with katie and adam? I'm surprised she remembered I honestly probably wouldn't of. I haven't seen any of that stuff in a while. Honestly didn't even remember your snapchat name had to sync my contacts. I miss that woman though. She reminds me so much of my nanny. My heart would break everytime I thought if we waited too long to get maried she might miss it. Or she wouldn't see our baby. 5:42
Didn't know she was with anyone else
I don't know if you know or not but Bailey's parents are the ones opening the exchange downtown. They come in like three or four times a week after work. But anywys they came in tonight and they were talking about their business and it just got me thinking that that's how I saw us. Married ojust doing whatever we loved togther. Just being financially stable. I barely know her parents but I look up to them. I hope one day I can be happily married and open my dream business. You remember after our tahoe trip all we wanted was to move there. I was fixated on that dream for so long. I was looking for houses to rent! Ha! was like seventeen just got jobs and was already planing on moving there. Now I don't know where I want to live or who I'll be married too but I guess thats okay. Still have the same dreams there just evolving along the way. Just like we wanted them too right? 4:08am
Might just fall off 6:41
Yeah thought so. So what's the plan for your knee? 6:20