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That. All of it. It was just a lie.
Like what? that it was all a lie.
You know part of me gives up too but then the other side keeps telling me to hang in there. Even though you gave up and walked away a long tome ago.
Well what I think happened is that I can't block your number on my phone so a few days ago I found this thing on my phone that said I could forward it and so did that but think it actully forwarded all my calls to you. Instead of forwarding your call.
I think I just figured the phone situation out
Yeah I she has a few different phones right now. Really weird thing is your number isnt programmed in her new ones? I thought it was and it was just glitching. But anyways I'm happy your finally taking those big steps in life. Im sure he'll help you.
wow nice. Yeah that was my mom guess her phone was acting dumb? she said she tried calling me atleast three times and it kept redorecting to you so she actaully put in the numbers and it still went to you. Thought that was bizarre too
I'm really happy for you. Really. I know you don't want me to go. Part of me is scarred to because you wont be anywhere near me like you are now. Although now we seem just as far apart. Can't believe you're actaully doing it. I honestly can't wait to have my own place. Though kind of on my own now since never at my parents but can't wait for it to be just me and Bo in our own place in either colorado or texas. That's where I'm hoping I get to sit for a little while.