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Sounds like a healthy breakfast for a dentist 1:30
lol yes I remember why? why that memory? 10:12
Well I hope everything was okay. 7:05
Yeah there was definitely no smiles. Did you end up seeing me? 7:44
Oh gosh why? & what time? 11:57
Finally saw Ashlynn's bf lol. They're cute! 6:53
Why can't you focus? are you asking me to distract you or are you saying I am distracting you? well either way I'm finally gunna buy my bug. So freaking excited. Found one for fairly cheap. It of course needs work but you know me I can't wait to start tinkering with it. Mean all I do is go to work so might as well spend money on something I've been wanting. My first fixer upper. Can't wait to take it the beach because that's the first place I'm going! 5:14
Right well mean that's understanadble 4:18