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What if- Kane Brown (Sunday@7:59)
Im happy your actually making an effort
Not at all cuz I've been doing the same
Maybe in a little bit. Gotta get ready for work.
But why can't we be together? just because were both with other people. Just because you feel like you cant escape him but in all reality you can. Think the truth is your just not ready to let him go. Why else would there be so many excuses.
(Thursday @12:47)
How isnt it? only then will I have no memmory of you. No memmories of us together. No memory of love. Only then will I no longer be miserbale without you. I dont want to live in a world where your not mine. Let alone in the smallest town in califonia. I dont want to live if its not with you but Im fighting too. How is it fair that you get ti wake up with him every morning when he doesnt deserve you? when you know its suppose to be us against the world. Hows any of that fair??
Be with me and love me till I die
Alright I'm sorry but how can I not be mad at what your doing to yourself?. I dont want you to cope I want you to be happy. I wish we could just run away together. Run away and start over somewhere else. I wish you'd be up for it.