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Tell me really what's so bad about your life that you would take it? Your with the man you want to be with. In the apartment you wanted. You've pretty much got your dream job. Why would you throw it all away?
I know its hard but you gotta stop thinking like that. About us, about Jacob. He's gunna be fine he's always strong. You've gotta stay positive if not for your own peace of mind for him. (2:35)
Of course it makes me mad, but it also does scare me. Of course your not the same person I fell in love with when we were kids. We've changed so much with eachother just growing together, and I know we've changed alot while we've been apart. Clearly not too much if I'm still your only outlet. The only one who understands. Still your bestfriend. If he's changed for you then why won't you try and change for him? you know I hate saying all this but you've told me since day one of this breakup.. let us go. I'm still so in love with you. I am, and I know you don't get that and that's okay. I guess that's why I get so angry with how hard it is to put my feelings a side and just be a friend. We both know we will always have love for eachother, and we will never forget eachother, but I know I need to put you before me because I do love you so much. Your happiness even after all this yes. It means the world to me. I'm gunna say these last two things as much as I hate it, and it's not me giving up, it's me helping you let go so YOU can be happy. Let us go, and give him another chance. You'll always be my wonderwoman. (8:25)

I didn't say you were pulling me back in. You're right being in love with someone is different than loving someone, but maybe that's what your confused about. Not being in love with either of us. Or being in love with someone and not having the relationship you wanted. (5:38)
So let it go then. You chose him. You choose him everytime so just let it go. It's done with.
What's there to be so confused about?
So do you want me to just dissappear? Mean do you want to be closer? or do you wish I was just gone? (8:04)
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