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Be with me and love me till I die
Alright I'm sorry but how can I not be mad at what your doing to yourself?. I dont want you to cope I want you to be happy. I wish we could just run away together. Run away and start over somewhere else. I wish you'd be up for it.
Im saying right now come find out. & if that was true why'd you come back?
Come find out in person.
I hate this. I hate that were in this position. I hate that can't have a real/ full conversation outside of this website. I hate that you can't see yourself through my eyes.
(Wednesday @7:59) 
I was there then moved to the other side. Then was gunna go bang on your damn door when saw you coming back. Was right behind you the whole time but didnt wanna follow you up the driveway cuz saw one of yor neighbors in there car
Not sure if you were gunna come talk to me again so finally home. If feel like round two later can always come see me. Gunna be sitting home all night anyways. (wed @7:24)
Will do but in that case your gunna have to read it off my phone. Been driving madi around to get money for cheer so haven't wrote it out yet. (wednesday @5:35)
You want me to writw it on paper for you or you wanna just read it off my phone? (wed @ 3:38)
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