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Quotes by OnlyYourSuperman

Why the hell do you let him find you so easily if your scarred for your life? I could of helped you. If you actaully need help call me dont call me to play some bullshit games if you arent being serious about getting out. He needs to do some time for being a phsycopath so call the cops and tell me or I will. If you dont reply to this later today I will go to them.
I wish it still was our fate. Its funny I'm at work too and all I can think about constantly since you called me is my favorite memories.
Say if you haven't married anyone by the time we're twenty-five you'll be my wife?
That. All of it. It was just a lie.
Like what? that it was all a lie.
You know part of me gives up too but then the other side keeps telling me to hang in there. Even though you gave up and walked away a long tome ago.
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