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I know but you also need a leg to work again 8:54
Just forget financially right now and take care of your knee! 3:38
Do you remember our first halloween? It was raining and we had the house to ourselves. Started in the livingroom then ended up on your bedroom floor. You cracked open the door to your balcony. Seemed like the whole room was foggy. All but us because we kept pulling your white comforter over our heads. Sitting at work looking out these windows. Pitch black but today was so nice it was like overcast. Which got my mind working. Sometimes I still have those thoughts when I'm trying to fall asleep. It helps me keep my eyes shut just long enough to fall asleep. 4:38
Whatd they say about it? 1:57
Fine I guess. Finally have the day off don't know what I'm gunna do all day. How bout you hows work? 12:14
Well don't have to say anything 10:17
Yeah lol we were pretty crazy 3:47
Lol yeah it was always pretty good. Think we fooled around in every part of town. Yeah that's what was under your bed. Who went first, who got their "boss card" I got mine first by the way. && I think our first road trip was under there. Don't forget about all the awkward times of us fooling around too though lol. Mean the pepper spray went all kinds of wrong lol then us being followed through town. We could literally be anywhere and still be teasing eachother. But for being together what six years or so we sure were always passionate. 12:18
Was fine I guess 6:54
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