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Wow. well don't do it at home. I've gotta head over to pops's later to clean up the yard and clear off the porch for our pot luck after the ceremony tomarrow. Said I'd hang up this screen around the porch too I guess he always wanted to screen it in so they could eat dinner out there. Wish I would of knew that I would of did it for him. This whole things just been crazy. Feel like everyones claws are slowly coming out but after tomarrow they'll really be out. Everythings been a "debate" I guess you could say. Pops always wanted to be barried next to his wife. He bought his plot when she died but in his last few years everything changed. He was actually considering just donating his body to science.Just sounds crazy to me because he was a man of God. He lived by that book. But shoot he considered letting people buy some of his land to grow pot on too lol so who knows what he was thinking. Sharon keeps asking me what I want of his but I can't think of a single thing. I would love something to keep of his around the house but just can't think of anything 2:05
I'm usually really good at blocking you out especially lately but its 2:26 and I can't fall back asleep. So all those damn memories of us start creeping back in. Don't want to take those sleeping meds because wanna go for a run in like two an a half hours. I don't know why I keep thinking about the very first night I stayed over. Laying on your living room floor and then passing out on your bed right after you sat with me for like five minutes telling me to stay awake... When we came back from tahoe we should of went to san fran. As scrubby as we looked we should of just headed there when we could of. I now regret that memory we could of made. Well gunna see if I can keep my eyes closed a little longer. Sweet dreams 2:35
Are you going to therapy? 6:59
Anything especially new with you? 6:17
What about them? there on my body. 4:45
The feelings mutual 4:23
Yes. Was just going in and he was coming out. Really dislike he hangs out around megean. Her boyfriends a loser too so makes sense though 4:03
Saw your boyfriend 3:08
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