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What do you mean "why can't it all be just let it go"? no I wouldn't of even imagined this but we did talk about seeing what it was like to be with other people.
I do remember. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to you crying quietly trying not to wake me because you tried to defend me against my mother. guess that love only exsist when were together? because Id defend you and fight for against anyone too.
The way we looked at eachother. The way I looked at you after I said something dumb and uncalled for. The way you looked at me after I said something smart. The way we took care of eachother. Looked out for eachother. Built eachother up. That was worth. And you were my queen. If hes not going to treat you with same respect you shouldnt waste an ounce of your time with someone who doesnt bring anything to the table you do. With someone who doesnt show you any worth and takes away your own self worth
Don't believe his bullshit. Know your self worth. I do not care about you still because I feel bad for you in anyway. I guess I just honestly don't know how to get over you. I've tried believe me with everything and as you've said before I'm still stuck in that dumbstruck awe. I know you need time and I know we could never be together but I also know the chances of that happening are just as even as us some how finding how to be together again. Maybe I'm a fool for still making chances for both of us but I guess like I said in one of my letters I believe I could love you and wait for you a lifetime. I could move on and be with someone else like Ive done but Its like living in grey and white. Nothing matters. Its not real for me. I've become just like everyone else in the world fighting for a chance to find that real love again because the woman Im in love with is loving someone else.
You don't have too. You don't have to tell me anything. I get where you are right now, but I'm still right here. I get your scarred, and lost. But I'm still right here so don't be. Be confident in who you are again. You don't have to question me or where were at. Everything's gunna be fine.  You're an Ellen. You'll be just fine.
If I told you I'd love you anyways would you believe me? If I told you I'm here for the long run would you believe it?
If I reminded you of when I promised to always love you would you trust it?
Alright fine. It's not my business anyways.
So why's it his business?
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