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wow nice. Yeah that was my mom guess her phone was acting dumb? she said she tried calling me atleast three times and it kept redorecting to you so she actaully put in the numbers and it still went to you. Thought that was bizarre too
I'm really happy for you. Really. I know you don't want me to go. Part of me is scarred to because you wont be anywhere near me like you are now. Although now we seem just as far apart. Can't believe you're actaully doing it. I honestly can't wait to have my own place. Though kind of on my own now since never at my parents but can't wait for it to be just me and Bo in our own place in either colorado or texas. That's where I'm hoping I get to sit for a little while.
The day you try.. Damn. The day you finally try. I can't wait for that. There is no promising if forgiveness will be sooner rather than later, but it's there. There's no saying if we'll be able to be how we were but can I tell you a secret? everything in me is saying it can be. If you actually want that.Yeah I'm leaving but doesn't mean we can't work. It's crazy I still think to myself all the time if we make it out of this I'mma really have no choice but to marry you. Who else would I be able to conquer the world with. But we're still in the middle of all this. We're in the middle of parting paths. Nothing is promised, but I'm still gunna be over here finding something to do with my time till you figure you out.

And how do you think I'm handling you in this new fairytale? I know it's a chevy. I've seen you around town. It's a small town. Write to you? Why would I possibly write to you?? what's there to say?. I don't want to hear bits and pieces of how our lifes going. I'd rather be in it.
It's crazy how often I come on here just to check. Yet it's stupid because I've literally reached a point where I want nothing from you. Just like you wanted though right? I find it even crazier that people on witty talk and sometimes dream about their crushes seeing their account and them falling in love, and here you are. On witty. Our whole story. Thinking about it now it seems impossible for two people to be equally crazy about eachother. Seeing how in love we seemed both online and off. Then comparing it to now. To then. When you repeatedly choose someone else. It now shows who loved who less. I love you with all my heart, and I honestly will probably die with that amount of love still in my chest.  But as long as your with him. As long as you don't know who you are or what you really want. As long as you aren't sure about us or me; I don't want to hear from you. As much as I really do want to hear your voice as much as I truely miss you I know that really it'll only all be lies again. So I wish you the best.

~Forever Yours Truely~
You be my lil Louis Lane I'll be your superman all you gotta do is put a drink in my hand
sweet dreams
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