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Quotes by OnlyYourSuperman

Okay and if there's no problems then what? (Sat @5:35 am)
Well do you plan to be with him for another year or so? Honestly. Because you're not trying to leave. (9:53)
So have to ask you something and need you to be a 100% honest. You said it would only take a year but that clearly isn't happening so Is it gunna take four years?
lol yeah he's getting so chunky. Really though? think he looks funny being basically bald on the sides. What twins? (6:29)
Mean its surprising he stepped up but its about time(10:50)
Well good I guess (10:38)
Wow. Did he at least go with you? did you go to your interview? went by your house 'cause wasn't playing but you were gone. Pretty dumb they didn't give you anything for the pain. When do you go back? how exactly do they fix them? I mean they were tearing off your stomach linning and now there swelling??(9:23)
Come on woman talk to me or gunna come over there and get you. (8:54)
Then how are you gunna go to this interview??! I can take you right now if you want me too?
Well you should of let them take care of you in the first time. How bout you go after your interview tomarrow?
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