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She's actually an old fart not a puppy but she's cute. kinda. She looks like a damn koala
Yeah I guess
I guess you responding is enough. just kills me cuz we were all suppose to meet up the sunday before but andrew had work. I was wanting to bring him breakfast but never had the energy to stay up late enough in the morning with graveyards. Sharon said he was talking about death within his last two weeks like he knew he was going soon. Wish he would of pulled us all in if thats how he really felt. 9:22
Sitting out on someones stairs over at the apartment complex where your mom usto live. I remember us sitting over there under that gazebo. Trying to get far enough in the dark where she couldn't see us but still could hear her. Sat 11:18
Sitting in the waiting room of Icu. Waiting for the doctors to come in we don' think pops is gunna make it. His heart stopped lastnight and they revived him but hes been in a coma. He's lost a lot of brain activity. Don't even know what to think right now 1:16
Alright thnx 7:42
Alright well he either played dumb or doesn't know so idk 1:24
So how do you know it's Ty? 10:55
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