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Quotes by OnlyYourSuperman

"Better then the the notebook " :D
In the night.In the dark
Thats when I'm missn her most
%*Every storm runs outta rain*%
The kisses got sweeter
The feelings got stronger
So we hop in the truck and get all tangle up
I don't wanna lose this feeling
I don't wanna close my eyes
-tip it on back
Havent even left town yet and missn my girl
Lean into my kiss and close those
Everything that don't make since about me
Makes since when I'm with you
Better than your fairytales
Better than your best dreams
Only the promises I've made drowns my thoughts..
I promise to always love you
I promise to let you back in
I promise I'll come back and marry you
I promise I'm not going anywhere..
I've made alot. Some old some new. But they still stand.
I promise to remain yours no matter what side of the world I'm on. No matter how close or far I am to you
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