Status: Im the author of my own life, but because I'm writing in pen I can't erase the mistakes I have made and will make.
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Don't you ever stop whining?

Stop throwing yourself a pity party and build new bridges.
My name's Savannah and I can only deal with so much negativity. I swear I'm pretty nice and I
talk in caps way more than i should.
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I look back on all my old quotes and cringe.

Instead of waiting for people to compliment me, I compliment myself.
Instead of waiting for someone to ask if I'm okay, I recognize my problems and start fixing them.
Instead of waiting for somebody to comfort me, I tell myself that things are going to be okay.
Instead of waiting to be rescued, I start looking for an escape.
You cant rely on others for everything. 
You are powerful. You are strong. You can do whatever you put your mind to.
Relying on others is not bad. 
But when that's all you know how to do, it makes a pretty sucky life.

People be wanting to play this Charlie Charlie game and I'm just sitting over here like nah, brah. I don't want no demon child haunting my butt. Not today sir.

The truth is:

 contradict myself.

All. The. Time.

And I confuse myself on what I think and what I feel and 
somedays I just get so frustrated
because I dont understand 
who I am
what my personality is like.
then I remember:
that's what makes me, 
I wouldn't have it
any other way.



Dyou ever feel like a cheap knockoff?

Because sometimes I do.

I'll just see a really beautiful girl and then I'll get a glimpse of

myself in a mirror or my reflection in the window and


Realization hits that I look like a poorly made bootleg. 

They'll be Sailor Moon and I'll be the knock off called 'Planet Girl'

I can only wait for so long for you before my heart is unrepairable.
Don't worry though.
It still belongs to you.
Even if it's in hundreds of fragments.


Do you know the worst thing about growing up?
It's that as you grow, your friends grow too.
And as your friends grow up, them seem to 
out grow your friendship.
And the thing is
You try to keep holding on,
maybe by walking a bit faster in the hallways
to catch up
maybe by sitting by them and attempting to 
start a conversation
they just ignore the attempts.
Time continues on and 
later you'll pass them in the hall, 
 not even a smile or a nod given.
And it just hurts. 
It hurts really bad.


My brother just told his friend 
"You aren't the brightest cookie in the box."
and I'm just sitting over here, 
with a stunned look on my face, 
trying to decide whether to:
A.) laugh at the irony
B.) facepalm at the stupidity
I dont know about you guys, but I have this thing where
I always wonder what it must look like for people to watch a show originally created in English but switched over to their language.
Like Frozen.
It's in english and you can actually see the characters mimic the words with their mouths.
Now if it was in Spanish then wouldn't it look kinda weird?
Thats always the first thing that pops up in my head when I see one.

WHY the FACK is being a human so hard?
Like next time, 
just make me a facking cloud

That way I can look down on everybody else's
suffering and laugh.