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Why test on animals when theres a prison full of pedophiles?

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It's a roller coaster kinda rush &&
I never knew I could feel that much
but that's just the way I loved you.

Mitt Romney: I like big bird but I'm going to cut PBS to save money.



kissing is such a dumb word.
face battle sounds way cooler.


             Me:  Don't you hate it when you hear someone calling you
             but there's no one really calling you and then you sit there confused
             because you swore you could hear someone calling you?

             Friend:  Wait, maybe it’s our loved ones trying to wake us from the    
             coma. They just can’t scream loud enough

             Me:  wow why the heck would you say that

             n m q 

Indescribable Me♥
Chapter 1.
"Don't you understand?"
"I do! But I just don't understand why you do it to yourself," my friend explained.
I hung up the phone, I didn't feel like talking to anyone at the moment. I picked up my blade and headed to the shower. The water spilled out of the spout, and I lifted the plug with my boney hand.
I stood in the shower, and put the blade down on the shelf next to me. The water was tapping my back, ever so gentally. Then it got harder, and soon enough it was hitting my back where the belt marks were left. I took the blade and slid it across my wrist. This time, I cut the main vain in my arm. It only took three cuts and the blood was all over my wrist, dripping down the drain. It was amazing, there was this big rush going through my body. Cutting just made me feel so alive, but no one gets it.
I got out of the shower, and the blood is still pooring from my wrist. I see I got a new text message, from Hunter. It said "Uggh, can't believe it's only two more days! Then you're gone!! ):" I replied "Ew, don't even remind me. I don't want to move at all. Gunna miss you lots!<3" My hand was so shakey, I couldn't even text without using all of my might. Blood dripped onto my phone; I wiped it off with a towel, then tied it around my wrist. I saw the blood wasn't stopping, not even slowing down a bit. This time, i actually got scared. Most of the time I'm usually like "Oh forget life," or "Ahh, I could care less." But this time, I feel too young to die. A 12 year old, dying of cutting her main vain?

It's my first story guys! Tell me what you think or what I should improve on!(: thanks ♥

Indescribable Me♥
Chapter 2.
 How am I going to tell my mom I cut? What's going to happen to me when she finds out? I screamed the loudest I can to get my mom's attention, and soon enough I heard footsteps thumping up the stairs. I held out my cut up wrist, dripping with blood. There were tears in my eyes, and my mom almost fainted. She ran downstairs, and dialed 9-1-1, I heard her crying with fear. I was dissapointed in myself, how am I going to explain this to my mom?
Eventually, I was riding in the back of an ambulence with a rag tied around my wrist, and a doctor putting pressure on my cuts. Everyone was so worried, but now I wasn't, I thought people wouldn't care if i died. They always made fun of me and judged me even though they don't know how much crap I've been through. I was zoning out whenever someone was asking me questions, like, "What exactly happened?" and, "Do you know what you could of done to yourself?"
All I was think about was Hunter ever texting me back. Oh, I'll tell him all about this adventure. He was my best friend, better than everyone else. He made me feel special, like I have a reason to live.
When I wake up I see I have a couple of stitches in my wrist. My eyes are all foggy, but I think I see Hunter and my mom outside my room. I call out my mom's name and she lets Hunter in.
"What were you trying to do? Kill yourself?" Hunter shouted.

 Please tell you're friends about me if you like my story!(: Tell me what you think or what I should improve on!(: thanks ♥

Indescribable Me♥
Chapter 3.
  “I-I didn’t mean to… well I did, but not to end up in the hospital. Iwasn’t thinking, I-I’m sorry!” I quivered.
“Ahh! Valery you got me worried sick about you when your mom called me saying something bad happened to you, that I should go to the hospital. You could have died Val! You’re… you’re too young to die.”
I saw the tears in Hunter’s eyes. I gave him the biggest, tightest hug, I’m so glad I have a friend like him. He’s like my brother/therapist, I could tell him anything and everything and he won’t tell a soul. I could trust him with my life. I felt a little dizzy, so I sat back down and dozed off.
When I woke up, Hunter was still right there, holding my hand with the bandage around it. I stared at the clock; wow, I’ve been asleep for three hours and he’s still here! What a good friend.
I left the next day around 11 o’clock, and went back to my house.
“Only one more day, then we’re outta here’” I sighed.
I woke up at 5:45 to get ready for the last day at school, for me at least. I flopped out of my inflatable mattress, and tip-toed into my bathroom so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. I grabbed my curling iron from underneath the sink, plugged it into the wall and let it heat up. I put on my nicest, cutest clothes, and did my makeup really good for a girl who never really uses it. Then, I went downstairs. Oh my god! It was 7:00! I had 10 minutes to get to my bus stop, so I skipped breakfast and ran a couple of blocks to my bus stop.
Figures, my mom set the clock 10 minutes early, so I actually got to my bus stop at 6:57. I was sitting there alone with my puffed up curly hair and a bandage tied around my wrist. I was standing there forever, and the bus was running late too. I could tell my last day would be one of my worst days.

Tell me what you think or what I should improve on!(: thanks ♥