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Quotes by OperationBeautiful

is more beautiful
than a smile that
has       struggled
through      tears.


Keep your head up high.    
           It's going to be okay.
Let's play the YES or No game.
RULES: You can only say yes once and no once.

Are you beautiful? ______

Are you lying? ______
I posted three stickies at  CVS today.
And I put one  right on  the screen of
the photo developing thingy that said
"Smile,    you're     beautiful"
with  a  butterfly  in  the  corner  <3

Society is wrong  Dead wrong. 

We’re taught that exotic is beautiful.        We’re

taught  to  believe  that  miniature  waists,  and

perfect tans are beautiful.        We’re convinced

that the  blonde girls  with the  gorgeous smiles

will win every time.  But, the truth is? Originality

is beautiful.    Big brown eyes,  green eyes,  blue

eyes. Curves. Your natural skin tone is beautiful.

Your hair color,   your smile,    Your voice,   your

laugh,    your personality.     Every inch of you is

beautiful,      every single part of you shines with

your       essence.          You,        my       dear?

Y o u r e   l o v e l y .

Be yourself. 

I don't mean wear a baggy shirt and sweatpants and through your hair up in a messy bun and no make up, unless that is really truely you. I mean be who you truly are inside. If you want to dress up, dress up. If you like your hair down, wear it down. If you want to wear a little make up then go right ahead and do it. I love dressing up sometimes, but that doesn't mean I'm not being me.

Just be you.


Society is wrong. Dead wrong. We’re taught that exotic is beautiful. We’re taught to believe that miniature waists, and perfect tans are beautiful. We’re convinced that the blonde girls with the gorgeous smiles will win every time. But, the truth is? Originality is beautiful. Big brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. Curves. Your natural skin tone is beautiful. Your hair color, your smile. Your voice, your laugh, your personality. Every inch of you is beautiful, every single part of you shines with your essence. You, my dear? You’re lovely.

When    you    look    in    the    mirror,
two beautiful faces light up the room.

Well,   I   went  around   to  peoples   profiles   and    said
"You're beautiful" or  "You're really pretty! :)"  A  bunch of
people  came  back to  my profile  saying things  such  as
"Thank you!"  or  "Thanks a billion"  When I came  back to
my profile this evening I smiled.  I made all these people
happy and in return  I got the  same  thing  back.  It was
really   nice   to   see   that.    :)    I'm   happy   I   did   it.
I'll         probably          do         that         daily          now!


I've done the sticky note
thing all over  the middle
school  bathroom mirrors.
  - xlonglivex