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Taylor Joyce Urbanski
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I love these people

Cant live without my friends.

The Boyfriend <3

Homecoming 2011!

Gotta add the cat in the picture, (He is afraid of cats)

Marshmellow/ cake food fight. . . not a good idea.

My Best Friend, can't live without her

Love cheerleading

Closest cheer team you will ever meet

Gosh, i love my friends

Quotes by OrangeCatX1016

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\\That satisfactory feeling//

 when your with your boyfriend and the boy that broke your heart does a double take at you guys.

& when he said he would give his life for mine i started crying because
i never have been loved that much by a man.

What i don't understand is when you finally get a boyfriend and then out of know where their EX believes that he is still her property. Expecially when she is the one that did him wrong.
Someone always comes along and has to try and ruin a great thing.

Its so hard to get a top quote anymore

Think about it
if a set of identical twins married another pair of identical twins would both of their children look the same?

Do you ever just forget what panties you are wearing?

 Born in the wrong Era