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Quotes by Organicgirl

Enjoy the small things in life
Smile, it could change someones day.
Those people who make your heart race, but also break when you realize you will never see them again.
It was fate that brought us together but destiny that tore us apart.
Those moments that make you want to smile all day :)
You make it so hard to love you.

I try to be kind
but you make it impossible, and I can't wait forever.

Its so hard to hide these tears.
Those who are the quietest
 are those who have the most secrets
»Top Ten Challenge«

Day One - 10 facts about yourself
Day two - 10 favorite movies
Day Three - 10 favorite TV shows
Day Four - 10 favorite baby names for boys
Day Five- 10 favorite baby names for girls

Day Six - 10 favorite foods
Day Seven - 10 favorite drinks
Day Eight - 10 favorite desserts

Day Nine - 10 favorite book series
Day Ten - 10 favorite novels
Day Eleven - 10 favorite actors
Day Twelve - 10 favorite actresses
Day Thirteen - 10 celebrity crushes
Day Fourteen - 10 favorite bands or singers
Day Fifteen- 10 favorite fictional characters
Day Sixteen - 10 favorite songs at the moment
Day Seventeen - 10 things you wanted to be when you “grew up”
Day Eighteen - 10 favorite sports or hobbies
Day Nineteen - 10 things you can’t leave the house without
Day Twenty - 10 things on your bucket list
Day Twenty-One - 10 websites you visit often
Day Twenty-Two - 10 physical characteristics you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Three - 10 personality traits you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Four - 10 favorite games
Day Twenty-Five - 10 things you do when you’re bored
Day Twenty-Six - 10 things you love about yourself
Day Twenty-Seven - 10 things you wish you could change about yourself
Day Twenty-Eight - 10 regrets
Day Twenty-Nine - 10 wishes
Day Thirty - 10 places you want to visit

1. Brownies
2. Cookies
3. Ice cream (any kind except pumpkin)
4. Cake
5. Cupcakes
6. Pecan Pie
7. Rice Krispie Treats
8. Popcicles
9. Milkshake
10. Chocolate