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    All monsters are human.


some facts abut me

- I speak fluent sarcasm.
- i like to read.
- i have a weird music taste.
- im shy tbh.



Quotes by Original_Teen

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'Tis the season to leave me the hell alone.
time to waste the last month of 2013 on the internet.
*comes to your funeral 15 minutes late with starbucks*
*checks fridge and sees nothing to eat*
*checks another 20 times just in case*
 the people you like the most never like you the most and that's just how life is.
Today is such a beautiful day to give me money.
me:*answers phone*
me: *kim possible voice* what's the sitch?
 idk man, I just like pizza.
 R.I.P. to all the other kids that committed suicide but nobody noticed because society
only cares about the popular and pretty.