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Hey there! My name's Orla and I'm fifteen.
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Quotes by Orla

Remember: E4's useless facts are always useless
And not always facts
I don't mind going back to school
But at the same time I don't want summer to end.
I think I'm starting to like One Direction.
What is happening.
That moment when
You're not sure if it's worse to fave your own quote or have a quote with 0 faves
I don't fall asleep until like 5am.  I don't wake up until 2pm.
I am slowly becoming nocturnal.
The other day my brother and I were watching the Hunger Games. It was the first time he had seen it.  So the part where Rue died (spoiler alert) came up and he cried. He actually cried. He was trying to hide it, but needless to say I've never been more proud  :')
The weather is having more mood swings than me on my period.
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Hey Zoella, can I borrow your ugly--
Aww wait..
<3 for first quote in 11 months!

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Hey Lady Gaga, can I borrow some casual clothes--
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Hey beautiful(all) witty girls, can I borrow your confidence--
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