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Just another sad story; Chapter 8
[ADAM'S POV;ten years later]
i never thought, i 'd live to tell her story.
well, let's start here.
when  we were at the park. we we're sitting on a bench.
i could have sworn we were being followed, so did she. and we were.
she seen  him coming, i had no idea. "Adam, go get a coke from the machine, here's a  few dollars."   " um okay." i replied.
i came back she was  gone. she left me something. her phone.
this is what  is said,
"adam, i love you more than anythin go bck home, you can surive it. stay strong, he's going to  make me do things, bad things. then he'll kill me. tell stacey i love her. love you<3 goodbye"

so i went home, i got beaten every single day. i cut myself, and tried to kill myself., and also dropped out of school. now, i have my own wife and kid.
My wife  and i have a beautiful baby girl named, emma.
the end.


Just another sad story; Chapter 7
"i understand."adam replied.
i got a text message the first one in what felt like, forever. i  read , i didn't know whos number it was. "You & the boy, now.  across the street from the park twenty mintues. or else."
i didn't want to worry adam more than he already was, being a  run  away and all.
"i think we should leave now , adam."  
"otay" he repeplied back.
i tried to find a park and so i  did, i got that feeling of being watched again, while we were walking there. is it possible we were being watched the whole entire time?  
"emma, i don't want to trobble you but.....i've been  getting some type of werid feeling that we aren't alone." 
"just keep walking." i  told him.


Just another sad story; Chapter 6
me and adam thought we should just run away. so that's excatly what we did. it's not like they'd care. after my mom left for work, we waited 10 or 15 mintues, then put on our coats and headed for the door. i seen brandon's wallet on the kitchen counter. i  took it. there had to been 10 fifty dollar bills in there. adam was beside me, we started walking into the woods behind our house, we kept walking for miles. "i'm hungry." adam said, i could hear his stomach growling. we found a place  several miles into another town it was about 4 in the afternoon by the time we got there. "are we ever going back, emma?" i looked around. " no never. it's just  us now. okay?"

Just another sad story; Chapter 5
he fanailly gave up after several mintues of beating me, i think he just like to hear me scream and cry.  i tried once or twice to  get away, it just made everything alot worse. i went in my room throwing myself into into my bed, screaming in tears. i don't know what i did, but i guess  i desevered to get beat. after  an hour of that, i peeked out my bedroom door to see if brandon was down stairs. he was passed out on the couch, i snuck across the hall as quiet as ever, into adams room. "adam, it's me. let me in." i whispered. he opened the door almost instantly. "what did you do to get beat like that, they never beat you?" i asked him. "he said he was gonna beat you when you came home, i said no and tried to take the belt  off of him." he said back with a very depressed look on his face. "you didn't need to  do that." i said as i hugged him. we sat in his room the rest of the night, on hid bed playing board games. not making a sound. around 3:30 adam said he heard a door open. it was just mom going to work. i didn't dare say a word for the the hour while she was getting ready, neither did adam.

Just another sad story; Chapter 3
after study hall, i walked to my locker. i opened it up to see that, they had ripped and slightly burned that book. as tears almost fell from my eyes, they walked by. "hows that book coming" one of ashley's friends said with the  dirtiest look on her face. i threw it at her and screamed "you tell me. oh, i forget you can't even read?" she spit on me, right in my face to be more clear.  if my spanish teacher hadn't walked into the hallway right then, i just  might have smacked her. instead, i walked away, and walked home. the whole walk home, i felt like i was being followed, maybe i was, who knows. about 20 feet from my house, i could already hear yelling and screaming, i thought  it was mom & brandon  fighting. but, it wasn't.

Just another sad story; Chapter 2
as i waked into i knew this year was  going to be bad. i went over and found my locker. "hi emma." stacey said as she game me a  hug. "hi." i was scared, and more depressed than ever. i walked  in to the class room  and picked a seat in the  back and set my harry potter half blood prince book down. the girl i hated the most sat right infrount of me, ashley weathers, the most popluar girl in school. "she looks like a barbie doll in her hot pink high heels, mini skirt and low cut top. with the bright pink lip gloss and punds of make up on, and her bleached blonde hair." i thought to myself. the whole way through the day ashley weather had something to say about everythingi  did. i  tried to keep to myself and read my favorite harry potter book, but that didn't help either. i went to  go to  study hall ofr 8th period, i left my favorite book, the only persent  i've gotten in years, in my locker alone, since i already had homework to-do. i sat with stacey and she told me she had seen ashley and her friends get into my locker a few mintues after i started walking to eight period. i didn't think this day coulld get much wrose than having all the popluar girls call me names, boy was i  wrong.

Just another sad story; Chapter 1
about two years ago it where this all had started. when my mom married him, brandon.
ever since that, my moms beat me & so has he. he's drinks all the time and doesn't have a job, my mom does drugs alot. i don't know why they  hate me, but i'd love to know. they don't beat my brother, adam. well only when he's bad. he's three years younger than i am. he's 10 years old, this poor kid has to be stuck here with them three more years then i do, i constantly think to myself. wanna know what's happending today? it's the 3erd day of school, it's still warm out, they'll think i'm werid of convering arms in bracelets, and  sweatshirts. oh well, not like the  cared before. the only one that cares about me is stacey. i guess i'll be an outsider forever.