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Quotes by OxManda13xO

OnE tRuE *LoVe*
OnE fiRsT *KiSs*
oNe CrAzY *NiTe*
oNe uNfOrGeTaBLe *MoMeNt*
OnE bRoKeN *HeArT*
OnE hEaRt To *BrEaK*
oNe BeSt *FrEnD*
oNe FaKe *FrEnD*
OnE wOrSt *EnEmY*
OnE *iNsPaRaTiOn*
oNe *ChAnCe*
oNe *LoVe*
OnE *LiFe*
LiVe iT *uP*
Dory: I suffer from short term memory. it runs in my family. at least i think it does..where are they?
- Finding Nemo
Marlin: ..i promised i would never let anything happen to him.
Dory: well thats kind of a weird promise..
Marlin: what do you mean?
Dory: well if you never let anything happen to him, nothing would happen to him. not much fun for little Harpo.
- Finding Nemo

^ not sure if those are the exact words
I will never say goodbye to you, because if I say goodbye, then that's it. That's goodbye.
- Boy Meets World
Dawson: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
Joey: She offered herself to the boy she loved. The boy she thought loved her back. And he rejected her.
- Dawsons Creek
There are certain people who aren't meant to fit in your life, no matter how much you want them to.
- Dawsons Creek
>>The strands in your eyes, that color them wonderful*
*stop me, and steal my breath<<
- emeralds from mountains, thrust toward the sky -
|*never revealing their depth*|
life isnt about _ waiting for the storm to pass*
. its about learning to d a n c e in the rain .
`.Offense sells tickets - Defense wins games.`
Deep Thoughts: If a pizza is cirle.. why is the box square?
If a syncronize swimmer drowns does that mean the rest of them have to too?
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