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---> Name Jessica.Nicole.Nichols i just want to tell everyone some of these quotes i did not make i just made pretty but

Quotes by OxnoSUCHthing

i love you
more then
words can
say i need
you more
and more
i love you

really gay but if you like... :o) go ahead and use it ...

im me Ox no such thing
i love you
more then
words can
say i need
you more
and more
i love you

really gay but if you like... :o) go ahead and use it ...

im me Ox no such thing
i love the way you stare
even if its not toward me
i love the way your smile
is just always there i love
when you laugh and it makes
me think of all the good
times we had togather
baby i love you and
nothin can ever change
that <3
I know that i may never be
someones special someone .
Or the girl in the hall
whos always laughing and i
may never be the girl who
all the guys love and all
the girls are friends with
And I may never be the
model type or Miss
homecomming. But I do know
who i am

Im Jessica Nicole and I love
laughing till my belly hurts.
ballon fights and movies that
make you cry. * I love softball
, soccer * and I have wonderful friends
who i love2 death.i love long walks and
bubble baths. and i *love* helping people.
nd no that might not be a *perfect
life to anyone else. * but to me I
wouldn't [* trade this life for *]
anything!*! not to even be a model,
*~homecomming queen*~, or someones
`special` someone! I *love my life!

i.m me ! Ox nO such thIng
late at nite when all the world
is sleeling i stay up and think
of you ..and i wish on a *star*
that somewhere you are you`ll b
thinkn of me to yes i do cause
im dreaming of u tonite till--->
tomorrow i`ll be hold`n (( you))
tight and theres no where in the
world i`d rather be then here in
my room dreaming baout me and you

im me for some notes or w.e or you can just i m me .. Ox nO no such thIng
... ii so love you

Notess.. !
first i first o and u and the second . bold and in pink
the rest black and if you have like a xanga or buddy profile or sub profile you can change the link pout it as the love
Here in this diary, I write you visions of my summer
It was the best i ever had; there was that unspoken
feeling of knowing that right now is all that matters.
I guess when it comes down to it These are the best
days of our lives. The only thing that matters is just
following your heart and eventually you'll finally
get it right . <3

right next to the heart you can put your bof or what ever
Late at (*.:night:.*) when` All tHe world is sleeping
I x0x |-|stay|-| x0x up and tHinK of you
And I wish on a star that some-where you . are
Thinking of me tooCause I'm DreaminG Of You tonigHt
Till tomorrow <<- - - - ->> I'll be holding you Tight <3
and there's nowHere in the world <- - - ii'd rAthEr be
Than here in my room dreaming about...You and me
You know that place between (*asLeep.
and awake. . ? Where you still. Remember
Dreaming? That`s Where i will- - > always
Love YoU. That`s Where i'll BE. Waiting <3

Im me for the notes --> Ox nO such thIng
because theres like a fade
soo i cant explain it here
sorry .. again
i don`t kno wat i want in life... i don`t kno wat i want right nowall i kno is that im hurtin so much inside that its eating me, and one day...there on`t be ne of me left. everything that ever
caused a tear to trickle down my cheeks, i run away and hide from it. but now...everything is unwinding and finding its way back towards me...and i don't know wat 2 do. i just kno that the pain i felt so long ago..it's hurting ten times more.

* notes *
underline: i don`t kno , ten times more.
BOLD: hurting, eating, hide, unwingind, pain
italics: tear
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