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Can you do me a favor?

"Without my gayness, i'm not me.
& if you don't see my gayness, you don't see me"
-I suport gays 100000%
i love you all

I don't hate you ;
I've just lost all respect for you.
I wanna be a model.
Comment on my profile if you think i could.
Just let your heart say what words can't.
“Suicide isn't cowardly. I'll tell you whats cowardly: treating someone so badly that they want to end their life.”
My Babe ? He Was That.
Cheatinq ? He Does That.
Our Relationship ? I Stopped That.
My Heart ? He Wants Back.
His Actions ? He Regret That. ...
Him? I Won't Take Back.
Your Games ? Don't Play That.
Your Lies ? Who Wants That.
Your BullShit ? Won't Take That.
Your Sorrys ? I've Heard That.
Your Mistake ? YOU Made That.
Your Excuses ? Just Save that.
A New Boyfriend ? I've Got That.
-While you're ignoring her, another guy is giving her attention.
-While you're giving her problems, another guy is listening.
-While you're too busy for her, another guy is making time for her.
-While you're making her cry another guy is trying to make her smile
-While you're not sure if you still want her, another guy has already figured it out.